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  • NFL Concussions Research

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    NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell published an open letter on the “Play Smart. Play Safe.” website. He details various ways the NFL will move forward in regards with head injuries, care, and prevention. He also stated that the league will pledge $100 million towards reaching those goals. In the letter Goodell says, “…when it comes to addressing head injuries in our game, I’m not satisfied, and neither are the owners of the NFL’s 32 clubs. We can and will do better.” While Goodell admits that the league

  • Tom Brady's Argument Against The Deflategate Scandal

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    finally come to an end. Last Wednesday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York declined to reconsider its April decision not to overturn four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, handed down by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in May 2015. Consequently, the New England Patriots quarterback recently ended his fight against the punishment, deciding to forego his final option of appealing to the Supreme Court. While the NFLPA released in a statement that it reserves its

  • The National Football League ( Nfl )

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    regulations and officiating, the NFL has dealt with many issues in a less than graceful manner. Scrutiny from the general public, sports analysts, and those within the organization has only compounded the NFL’s existing problems. Commissioner Roger Goodell, though he has attempted to remedy these situations and restore the NFL’s image, has largely mishandled the recovery processes of each issue. Here, the most prominent controversies will be discussed; how each situation was handled, either correctly

  • Case Study: Barstool Sports

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    in a carefree attitude towards life, always looking for the next beer and sports team to root for. Additionally, Durkheim would see the “Fire Goodell” movement as an example of the separation of the sacred and profane. To many stoolies, New England Patriots football is sacred. It should not be infringed upon by things of the “real world.” When Roger Goodell infringed upon this sacred space, he was attacked by all stoolies. Durkheim would view the separation of football and “real life” as a separation

  • Can We Tackle the Concussion Battle?

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    Can We Tackle the Concussion Battle? Can We Tackle the Concussion Battle Within Football? Introduction The National Football League (NFL) or as some people may say, “Not for long” is responsible for some of the greatest athletes. Excellence appears to be their one goal, which is to win Super Bowl championships. Some players perform at a high level for a while, whereas others don’t have a chance at experiencing actual playing time on the field at all. NFL players are less and less likely

  • Arguments Against The Anthem

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    The controversial issue of protesting the National Anthem has plagued the United States since the year of 2016. Disputes have occurred over whether or not the athletes should be able to display their opinion to the public even if the demonstration offends our armed forces. Many say the protests are useless because the kneeling is diverting the public eye from the original issue; the “anti-protest” collection also agrees that the kneeling is not unconstitutional, and it should be restricted by the

  • The Issue Of Domestic Violence

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    overall attitude towards the handling of the Rice scandal in particular. Although Roger Goodell’s lenient consequences hide criminal actions of NFL players, the fact of the matter is that NFL players are still subjects in criminal violence specifically domestic violence. Goodell’s leniency of punishments throughout his eight year tender as commissioner has been a common topic of scrutiny in the NFL. Goodell has three common tendencies

  • Racial Injustice Essay

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    Summative 1: Racial Injustice Racial injustice has been a recurring problem in the United States. Americans didn’t talk about how the blacks were being treated until Dr. Martin Luther King Jr started speaking and protesting racial injustice. In modern day America, racial injustice is still an occurring problem, mostly between blacks and the police force. African American’s have felt like the police force is out to get them, with valid reason of course. People have tried to protest, using slogans

  • Ray Rice Essay

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    Although the NFL is trying to change their involvement on domestic violence issues, it is unclear at this time if they will follow through. The NFL and Goodell continue to be under media scrutiny, especially since swift and proper action against Rice did not happen until after the footage was released. They have changed their policy to a six game suspension for a first offense, although offense is not

  • The Importance Of Sports And Politics In Sports

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    In recent years, America has seen a rise in police shootings of black men and women, as well as a response from the black community protesting against the injustice being brought upon their race. How exactly does this fit into the NFL? In the past, sports were sports and politics were politics, but since the civil rights era there has been an increase of politics in sports. From Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the 1968 Olympics to the present day Kaepernick wave of players kneeling during the anthem