At the Mountains of Madness

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  • H. P. Lovecraft, At The Mountains Of Madness

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    H. P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness is a story where a plane crashes towards some mysterious mountains. There they discovered a giant cave which they entered and to their surprise they discovered piles of bones (cave was filled with dead). Moreover, they discovered some kind of fossil(alien) which they then brought to the surface. Later all their stuffs were disappeared and Dyer decided to repair the damaged plane. They repaired it and flew it till they saw a new land and decided to venture

  • Gilgamesh, The Quest Of Iranon, And The Mountain Of Madness

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    Furthermore, briefly I would like to discuss the characters, Gilgamesh, Iranon, and William Dyer from the stories, “Gilgamesh”, “The Quest of Iranon”, and “The Mountain of Madness”, respectively. To begin with, Gilgamesh is such as character which quite well exemplifies the advice and recommendations provided by Martin Luther King and Lord Krishna, as he uses the time that he is provided in an efficient way, in hopes of being able to introduce physical change within himself, ultimately be able to

  • Shadow Over Innsmouth And At The Mountains Of Madness By H. P. Lovecraft

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    For our Knowledge Sites and Digitization project, we did short stories on, “The Shadow over Innsmouth” and “At the Mountains of Madness” by H. P. Lovecraft. Digital Humanities is known as a concentration of a specific area that you are researching and its intersection with technology and how we can use technology to study the disciplines of humanities which is the study of human culture. Our project fits into the description of digital humanities because it organizes the data in a structural form

  • Mt. Everest Essay

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    References Adventure Consultant. (2012). Retrieved September 27, 2012, from Krakauer, Jon (1999), Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster, New York: Anchor Books/Doubleday Mountain Madness. (2011). Retrieved October 1, 2012, from Roberto, M. A. & Carioggia, G. M. (2003). Mount Everest 1996, Harvard Business School, Retrieved from

  • Mt Everest Case Study

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    Everest-1996 MOUNTAINS ARE NOT MOLEHILLS Scot Crenshaw, Ph.D. Nicie Murphy, Ph.D. Michael Sturdivant Harding University Abstract If Mount Everest were an empire, its motto would undoubtedly be “I shall not be conquered”. However formidable, this giant which stands over 8000 meters above sea level into the sky, did not seem to intimidate the owners of the commercial guide companies, Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness. In fact

  • Competition In Into Thin Air

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    Competition is what drives human. It’s been instilled in our genes since birth; humans are born screaming for attention, and fulfill their lives in various areas through competition unbeknownst to them. So, naturally, when climbing the mountain that has the highest summit above sea level, competition is a given factor. The driving concept of competition is an evident theme in Into Thin Air written by survivor Jon Krakauer who saw the evolution of friendly rivalry between Rob Hall and Scott Fischer

  • Just Another Poem By Kane Jennings

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    rocks at you/But the Holy Ghost is settling down to sleep”. These lines are from Jennings’ “Just Another Poem” from the anthology The Mind has Mountains. “O the mind, the mind has mountains; cliffs of fall,” Hopkins had cried out a hundred years before Jennings found the voice to echo it. But Jennings’ view point is different from that of Hopkins. The Mountain has a different view. Each peak gets higher as one want to scale it and return to the normal condition of being cured. The title here is apt

  • Into Thin Air John Krakauer

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    Scott Fisher was an incredibly experienced climber and had a reputation for surviving even the most harrowing incidents. Due to this, Scott seemed to think of himself as an invincible being. Mountain Madness, the climbing company of Scott had many inexperienced climbers during the 1996 season. This did not seem dangerous to Scott, however and he even remarked that “it’s not the altitude that’s important, it’s your attitude” (70). Scott Fisher believed

  • Madness And Madness In William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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    literature, madness is used as a device to help move the plot along, whether it is in ancient writing, William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, or Young Adult Novels such as Alice in Wonderland or Percy Jackson and the Olympians. There are many things that could drive a person to madness but if they try and stop the madness by seeking the help they can combat it rather than falling into a dark state of mind that is complete insanity. Most people choose to receive help to defeat their madness. Throughout

  • Tragedies While Climbing Mount Everest Are Caused by Human Error

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    the conditions are. Whether errors in judgement or just simple mistakes, accidents on Mount Everest are caused by human error. During pushes up the mountain, it is easy for climbers to make subtle decisions that may have grave consequences later on the hike. The