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  • Batman And Batman

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    Inspired, but Independent Both Batwoman and Batman are vigilantes in the fictional city of Gotham. The characters mostly exist in the comics to help each other. With Batwoman being initially created to set her partner's sexuality record straight, they take off to work together. Their existence in Gotham as Batman and Batwoman, albeit being illegal, is much need by the residents who suffer in the hands of the highly skilled criminals – such as the Joker – who have mastered their techniques. The police

  • Batwoman Elegy

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    figure out the best way to draw my main character. After scouring google and referencing the comics we read throughout the term, I settled for a character that was a little more sophisticated than a stick figure, but nothing like the artwork in the BatWoman Elegy. After choosing the style of my comic, I had to focus on the content of the comic itself. First, I thought about writing something

  • Batwoman's Journey Essay

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    Batwoman stalks over the rainy city looking for crime to stop. She has been working for Batman and watching over the city when he went on vacation. Batman claimed that he was going to Florida for business so Batwoman got to look over the city. He gave very striked orders saying “ protect the city Batwoman from robbers and killers” she said “ I will do my best boss”and she went out into the night. Batwoman has not seen anything all night ,and it was 2 A.M she was about to give up. All of the sudden

  • Underrepresentation In Superhero Comic Books

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    landscape of heroes that includes Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Sam Wilson (Captain America) and Amadeus Cho (the Hulk), and offers readers of all creeds and colors a chance to see their own reflection” (Moreno, 2016, para. 10). Just like the creation of Batwoman, Miles Morales’ creation is due to the fact that creators wanted to be able to reach every member of their audience. However, “often lost in the intersection between superheroes and science fiction is the place race occupies in the genre, and when

  • Gender Stereotypes In Popular Culture

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    Maintaining gender stereotype messages as well as the lack of knowledge concerning the effects of popular culture is a difficult approach of trying to understand gender identities especially to children's. Therefore, it is important for children's educators to understand the challenges and effects of popular cultures to help them improve their conception about gender identities. This understanding will also ensure appropriate and efficient learning resource usage in incorporating the popular culture

  • Characters: The Importance Of Diversity In Graphic Novels

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    I strongly believe that it is important now to have more diverse graphic novels. Diversity in comics will teach children what life should be like, they show their readers what that there is hope for them to be the best they could be because they can relate to the character in the novel. Right now we don't have those kind of graphic novels. The kind of graphic novels that we have now are ones that nobody can relate, the types of people in comics these days are not relatable to our everyday lives,

  • Season 2 Vs Supergirl

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    The success of “Supergirl” has been a triumph for Melissa Benoist fans everywhere and when “Supergirl Season 2” was green-lit, loyal Kryptonian followers everywhere wanted to know what to expect. National City has moved from CBS to The CW and aside from fans expecting the arrival of Kara’s young cousin (but looks older than her because of space and time) Superman, loyal followers can expect five more additions to “Supergirl Season 2.” TV Line has it that Greg Berlanti and show runners are adding

  • LGBT Character Stereotypes

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    HIV virus, which the code barred without a doubt. Two years later the code went through changes that allowed the LGBT characters. A few years later Estrelapolar was definitely a gay thing. After this characters like Kevin Keller, Archie Comics, and Batwoman, Batman, were revealed as

  • Women In Refrigerators

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    if it were not for the Comics Code, comics would have gotten to where they are now sooner. Not that our attitudes today are perfect, but gender roles are much more progressive and egalitarian than they ever were in 1954. Captain Marvel is a woman. Batwoman is gay. The rebooted Ultimates has no white dudes! I think we’re past the worst of over-sexualisation in comics which was the 1990s. “Everybody, male and female, had 12 pack abs, meticulously drawn hindquarters, and busts that belonged on mantelpieces

  • The Influence Of LGTB + Characters

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    LGTBQ representation is something all communities deserve. Superheroes spread morals and messages of justice. They make some of the best role models for children: hope, justice, and love. We have heroes that are rich, like Batman and Green Arrow, and heroes who struggle financially (Billy Batson), heroes with no parents, separated parents (Redhood), and single parents (Cyborg). DC has even brought in in Muslim heroes (Green Lantern), Arabic heroes (Damian Wayne), Asian heroes (Cassandra Cain). These