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    Despite the struggle to bring about a resolution to the conflict during the 1970s and 80s, terrorist violence continued to be a problem into the early 90s, and British troops remained in full force. In 1981, ten IRA prison hunger strikers starved to death after they used hunger strikes to protest against losing their ‘special category’ status and against wearing prison uniforms. This democratic success persuaded Republicans of the benefits of politics instead of violence as a way of getting what

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    INFLUENCES WHICH HAVE SHAPED MY LIFE “Who am I?” is a frequently asked question of many young people today. Each of them is eager for finding who they are supposed to be, but leaves behind what have influenced their lives. In truth, if we take a look at these influences, it can be a good opportunity to find out the real “us”. In every person’s life, he/she has met a variety of kinds of people and has dealt with problems at all degree, from the most serious to the least annoying ones

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    The Battle of the Boyne (Irish: Cath na Bóinne) was a turning point in the Williamite claim on the English throne. The deposed King James VII of Scotland and James II of England and Ireland and his Jacobite supporters were defeated by James' nephew and son-in-law, William III and his supporters. By the invitation of Parliament, William had deposed James in 1688. Both kings acted as commander of their respective armies. The battle took place on July 1, 1690 (Old Style) just outside the town of Drogheda

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    Liberation of Ireland The 1916 Easter Rising The Easter Rebellion, was an armed uprising of Irish nationalists against the rule of Great Britain in Ireland. The uprising occurred on Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, and centred mainly in Dublin. The chief objectives were the attainment of political freedom and the establishment of an Irish republic. Centuries of discontent, marked by numerous rebellions, preceded the uprising. The new crisis began to develop in September 1914, following the outbreak

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