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  • Analysis Of Lost In The City

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    is about a little girl named Betsy Ann Morna who is being raised by her single father. When Betsy was born her mother died from childbirth. Since Betsy had experienced such hardship when she was born her father was determined to shield her from all the tragic in the world. When she gets a little older, her father allows her to raise pigeons. But in order to shield her from tragedy her father makes sure he clears the pigeons that died before Betsy can find out. But Betsy found out. When a wild pigeon

  • Middle School Persuasive Speech

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    Middle school is a weird time for everyone I am pretty sure. The three-year time period is filled with hormones, drama, and stinky boys who have yet to learn the wonders of deodorant. You find friends, lose friends, everyone begins to get their first phones, you start “dating”, and you gain a whole new taste of freedom that you never had before that first day. All is which to be expected, but the one thing you can not prepare an 11-year-old girl, who has lived in a tight perfect bubble her whole

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    The voices continue upstairs, growing louder as time goes on; James hears the clock ticking, seconds seeming to go by faster and faster, his heart mimicking their rapid rate. He takes a shaky breath and considers, just for a moment, turning around and leaving. Surely there are ways around this. Surely he can do something else besides this. This can’t be the only option. No one even knew he came here today, if he left it would almost be like he was never here. He moves to grab his hat and leave, the

  • Betsy Ross Speech

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    Even though Betsy Ross is best known for creating and sewing the American flag, this has never been officially proven. However, there is a great amount of evidence that she was very influential in the making of the flag. These words by her say it all, “Our hearts aching, our prayers praying, our flags waving, never forget.”1 Elizabeth Griscom, also known as Betsy Ross was born on January 1, 1752 in Philadelphia to her loving parents Rebecca and Samuel Griscom. She was the eighth child out of seventeen