Scariest Places on Earth

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  • Personal Narrative : Halloween : The Ghost Story Of Halloween

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    the scariest people, or find the scariest places. Lucky for me, I won the unspoken teen game, all on Halloween night. It was around 7:00 when I began prepping for my annual Halloween party. It was just like the parties in the movies you watched as a child. It had loud music, dancing, and too many costumes to count. Everyone left by 10:30 to make their curfew, but a few of my friends stayed to help clean up. When we finished cleaning, we decided to take on the challenge of finding the scariest place

  • Living in the World of Spirits Essay

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    have desires that weren’t fulfilled, negative thoughts, anger, harmed people during lifetime, or doesn’t have spiritual thoughts or practices (What Are Ghosts). Occasionally, the ghost will attach to a person, place or object. Some ghosts are rather weak and highly dependent on the place or person they are attached to. They are sometimes called earthbound spirits. Some other ghosts have gained so much energy that they can move around and even make objects move with their energy. These are called

  • Descriptive Essay : ' The Garden Isle '

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    The Trip Planes. Their big, loud, fast beasts of the sky. All they do is transport people around the world. It was one of these beasts, one of these planes that brought me along to a place during my first remembered flight. The destination, Kauai. There are eight islands in Hawaii, Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and the biggest one, Hawaii. All of these islands were formed by volcanoes. The Island I was going to, Kauai, was known for being “The Garden Isle”. Supposedly

  • Descriptive Magic World

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    Disney World the most magical place on earth, they say. It happens to be the worst experience of a six- year- old life. Let’s begin with a little background information of the six-year-old. I was scared of everything that moved inside or outside or in the dark. Major fears dinosaurs, ghosts, bugs. My tale begins with this wonderful adventure of the Magical World of Disney. We arrived; it was beautiful the grounds were a lush green and so amazing looking. Then suddenly out of the corner of my eye

  • Research Paper On Amazon Rainforest

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    rainforest on the planet. Most of the jungle lies in Brazil. The Amazon Rainforest also holds the Amazon River. According to the National Science Foundation, the amazon river is the longest river in the world by volume and contains twenty percent of the Earths’ freshwater. But the Nile River is the longest when calculating width. Being as big a it is, the amazon holds a massive number of dfferent types of species of wildlife with different kinds of sub-ecosystems to provide for them. When I think of

  • Climate Change Is Our Fault

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    Climate Change is Our Fault The truth is earth is heating up and it is partially humans fault. The simplest of human activities can alter the climates to change. Humans are not the only climate drivers. There are also natural factors (“How Much Does Human Activity Affect Climate Change?”). The earth is changing due to the climate changes . For future generations the earth may perhaps look different (Nuccitelli). Human activity is advancing global climate change rapidly. Humans are the main factor

  • Rastafarianism: One Of The Darkest Times In American History

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    religions, such as Rastafarianism, are disregarded as mere jokes and nothing more than something to laugh at. However, back as late as the colonial period, and even to a degree today, religion was taken as something no short of deathly. One of the scariest of these religions were the Puritans. They were brought up to fear god and respect elders. There was no loving, forgiving god. Your fate was already decided, through one there more radical ideas, predestination. This religion was the focus of one

  • Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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    that the earth and its inhabitants need to take climate change a lot more seriously. While there are necessary measures being taken like the Paris Agreement, it is imperative that people also take into account their carbon footprint and try to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere to ensure a better future for the upcoming generations and generations that develop after that. We do not want to live on a planet that may become too hot to live on, in some places. By examining

  • Terrorism And Terrorism Attacks

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    In the last century, terrorism seems not just more lethal but more common, but more widespread. This is leaving Citizens overwhelmingly in fear of their lives as they distress a Paris-style terror massacre will occur on our shores. With a news poll from “The Australian”, stating that more than half of the Australian population believing a large-scale event is likely and one- quarter convinced it is unavoidable. With a wide spread of events occurring this year, it is petrifying people across the globe

  • Taking a Look for Clinical Depression

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    from others and eating disorders either anorexia or obesity. These issues are already problems for many developing teens. The need to be accepted by their peers pressures them to want to look thin and act differently. Other teens that feel out of place become obese and loose motivation to participate in exercise even if it is best for their health. This disease can be treated, with changing their diet and exercise, so they do not end up killing themselves. Another concern is drug and alcohol abusers