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  • Personal Narrative: Drowning

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    No negotiations. Drowning. Over and over and over again. Every time I died they would bring me back. Every time I came back I was less myself. I was terrified. Not for myself but for my country. Not for myself but for my family. Attacks on my soil day and night and my family could be next. They want what I have. My information. But I won’t crack. Under these bring lights day and night. A cloth is draped over my face again. Water gushes into my mouth as I struggle for breath filling my lungs choking

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Doctor Pax was on his way to the windmill after breakfast. The first person he met was Clemmie with Clog at her side. She stood in the glass tunnel and looked at Spud as he worked in the kitchen garden. The gardener was dressed for wet weather in a thick coat which reached below his knees. His waterproof trousers were tucked into long wellington boots. He waved his muddy hand, and Clemmie waved back with a smile. Clog woofed. He tried to lick the rain when it ran in drops down the window. He hadn't

  • Agile: A Fictional Narrative

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    The flames continued to engulf Vilgoth, as he stood upon the Silver Talon. When they finally extinguished themselves, only Nightburn, Valana and Sophee remained. Falling to his knees from the sudden departure of Vilgoth, Nightburn’s strength drained, made it difficult even to move with a feeling of weights hanging from his arms and legs. Rushing to his side, Valana and Sophee helped him as he struggled to rise. Having missed his unusual arrival, Sara only saw Valana and Sophee helping him

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    “Hey buddy, I told you to back off,” Someone yelled. “You did, and I decided that I don’t give a crap. Now come with me girly. Surly someone of your looks wouldn’t be dressed like that and not be trying to get laid?” A guy said grabbing her arm. “You’re gonna get yourself hurt if you don’t let go,” She huffed. Before I knew what I was doing, I was hurtling myself at the guy. I shoved him against the wall and started punching him. Suddenly I felt myself being ripped off him by Sam. “Dean. Stop

  • The Monster In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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    In the novel, Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly, it portrays a creature who is constantly trying to integrate himself into the human community but ultimately is unable to do so. The novel is repeatedly pointing out the characteristics that make something human and what excludes the creature from humanity. As a creation of unnatural causes, the monster is singular in his appearance resulting in a constant struggle to relate to people. Without this ability to relate, he can never be human. While

  • Descriptive Essay About My Life

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    I loved New York City the day I moved there. The busy, noisy streets always gave me comfort. The best part about it is that I get to hear the pitter-patter of rain almost every day. However, living in the dorm rooms at New York University (NYU) wasn’t always fun. This caused me to spend most of my time behind the dorms by the oak tree. When I first moved to New York, I lived with my aunt. She was a very kind and generous lady. My aunt’s name is Jesse and she’s very beautiful. Aunt Jess gave me

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    that the unknown feeds off of fear. If it wasn’t for those small red lights sporadically posted to both exit signs I couldn’t see anything. Finally a way out of here. Should take the right door or the left? I’ll go left. Hey, wait a minute, I hear someone behind me. I turn to see… I was back on the floor again. By now I’m gasping for air because some brainiac is covering my mouth and nose with a cloth filled with... I’m faint and my muffled cry for help is useless. Shadow: 5, 4, 3, 2, and he’s out

  • Golden Gate Bridge-Personal Narrative

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    Around five, I leave to meet Mark in San Francisco. I drive across the Golden Gate Bridge despite a fear of heights. Of which I discovered years ago, when I walked with Mark and Vivian across this same bridge for a breast cancer charity event. The day was festive. Up until, a third of the way across the bridge, I stopped to gaze at the blue sky, and then down at the water. Right after, a sudden impulse to jump overcame me. I grabbed the rail paralyzed with fear. Mark and the rest of the walkers

  • Descriptive Narrative Essay

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    There I was, on a hard, firm bed, in the middle of the night, half frozen. Why is it snowing in California? I must've been dreaming. It never snows in California. I could see the burning fire in a fireplace on the other end of the dark room. I decided to hop out of bed, and look out the ice covered window. What the heck is going on? I immediately picked up my phone off the bedside table that was very old and antique looking. Why is my room so cabin-ish? Then I turned my phone, flashlight on. I walked

  • The Teacher Has Never Trusted Me With Harold

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    This week has been a total suck-fest, up until now. The teacher has finally trusted me with Harold. To be more specific, Harold is a two-pound, completely overweight, greyish brown gerbil. In order to justify his extreme weight, you’d have to explain that Harold had a disorder where he had to eat every four hours (real thing), and exclusively with Snausages (Probably not a real thing [the having to be fed with part not the snausages]). And my teacher has trusted me with Harold for the three-day weekend