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  • Essay on Figurative Language in A Work of Artifice

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    techniques in writing "A Work of Artifice." In this poem, Piercy reflects on the growth of a bonsai tree, considering the molded existence of what it is to what it could have naturally been. With deeper analysis of this poem, the correlation between a bonsai tree and the shaped role of women within society becomes evident. The poet introduces one specific metaphor in the beginning, comparing the growth of a bonsai tree to the development of women. This single metaphor is supported throughout

  • Marge Piercy's Poem A Work Of Artifice

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    such as metaphors, diction and allusions to show how society subjugates women to fit the “accepted” idea of beauty. Throughout “A Work of Artifice” , an extended metaphor of a Bonsai Tree is used. The Bonsai tree represents a women. A gardener is also used to represent a man and/or society. The speaker expresses that the Bonsai Tree could have grown eighty feet tall but was pruned by a gardener to be

  • Foreshadowing In Marge Piercy's A Work Of Artifice

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    dilemma the the use of metaphor (a bonsai tree). A bonsai tree is “an ornamental tree or shrub grown in a pot and artificially prevented from reaching its normal size.” Given the opportunity, this tree could grow to enormous heights. Yet, it is trimmed by gardeners’. This metaphor of the tree compared to women’s suppression and the gardener as the suppressor. Women have been “bound” to “domestic” duties and Marge

  • Similarities between Frankenstein and A Work of Artifice

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    pieces of work. There is a misconception presented in both the needs and wants of both the creature in Frankenstein and the bonsai tree in “A Work of Artifice”. “It is your nature to be

  • Work Of Artifice

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    In “A Work of Artifice,” Marge Piercy describes how this bonsai tree has the potential to grow “eighty feet tall” in nature but is instead pruned so that it only grows up to “nine inches high.” In my mind this probably is treating the tree as if it were a person and is describing how although people have the potential to grow and reach self-actualization but depending on what one grows up to be, one may or may not be able to actually reach that kind of sense of self. The title of the poem itself

  • What Cats Should Eat Essay

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    Many cat owners assume they know what their beloved cats are supposed to eat by reading the nutrition label on the cat food bags and comparing to what they know about basic human nutrition. But is that really what they should be doing? The nutrients that cats need is different from what humans need, and by imposing a cat owner’s nutritional views on their cat may be unfair to the cat’s health. What cats eat has a huge effect on the quality of the cat’s life. A cat’s diet is affected by commercial

  • Essay about A Work of Artifice - A Profound Poem for Many Cultures

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    "A Work of Artifice"- A Profound Poem for Many Cultures Suppression of women has occurred in all societies. Damage created by societal repression ranges from psychological damage to physical damage.  The suppression of women is not only perpetrated by men, often other women support the cultural traditions which are damaging, as they themselves grew up within the confines of those social norms.  Marge Piercy, a feminist activist, writer and poet makes a statement against social norms damaging to

  • Literary Analysis Of Marge Piercy 's ' Barbie Doll ' And ' A Work Of Artifice '

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    Allusion and Metaphor in the Poems of Marge Piercy Although the poems “Barbie Doll” and “A Work of Artifice” both deal with the subject of women, Marge Piercy uses subtly different approaches in tone of voice, metaphorical style, and use of irony. While “Barbie Doll” uses the form of allusion to compare a female child to a doll and demonstrates a strong tone of anger and irony, “A Work of Artifice” uses metaphor as a way to discuss the subject of women indirectly. Both poems succeed in making

  • How Background and Upbringing Effect a Child, Especially in Wild by Strayed and The Other West Moore by Moore

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    In the first few pages of Wild, it describes the present being of strayed but is quickly followed by flashbacks to her past. These flashbacks are a reminder of how the story has reached the point where it opened, on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT). This book is more than a memoir recounting just her hike up the western coast; it is a story of her life’s journey. It explains how who she presently is directly determined by who she used to be. Each step on the trail is another step forward in her growth

  • Bill Ezzard Short Story

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    William Ezzard so far has had an exciting yet typical life. Learn about his weird and different hobbies, what happened when he made a mistake, and how his career came to be. When Bill Ezzard was a kid, things were different than they are today. When he would write, other than using pencil and paper, he would type on a typewriter, and if he made a mistake, he would use this correction tape which was like a white-out kind of substance. What he would do, was slip it into He would do his research