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  • The Common Technique for Free Throw

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    team player violated or foul, the fouled player attempts a free-throw of the ball changes (Mood, Masker & Rink, 1991). The free drop is important later in the game because of the free throws comprise a significantly larger portion of total points made during the final 5 minutes than the first 35 minutes of the game for both gaining and losing teams (Kozar, 1994). The fouled player required to shoot from the free throw line. The free throw line is 15 feet from the basket and has ample time to attempt

  • Visual Effects On Free Throw Shooting Essay

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    Visual Effects on Free Throw Shooting What is the easiest way to earn points in a basketball game? Free shots, also known as free throws, are given to a player after being fouled. What do shooters focus on to score the given shots? They rely on what they can see. What if the net was removed? Would the player’s free throw accuracy increase or decrease? Visual targets, can have a tremendous effect on one’s shot. According to McCann, A. (2012), basketball players looking to make a shot

  • Process Essay: How To Shoot A Free Throw

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    Step one to of learning to how to shoot a free throw is to point your feet towards the basket. Next, keep your eyes on the basketball hoop. Then, you should line up with the middle of backboard and keep your elbow in. After that, while standing at the line bend your knees. Finally. Follow through on your shot, but don’t step over the line or free throw will not count. During a free throw you should always position your feet shoulder width apart. You should be squared to the basket and your toes should

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Do Players Receive Free Throw

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    Basketball players are not making free throws more consistently.Some players never learn effective practice habits on the basketball court. Thus they struggle to make free throws. Players should figure out how they practice the best; many players cannot make game winning free throws in a huge game with bad practice habits. Although poor practice habits may cause players to struggle with free throws, confidence is another reason why players are missing free throws. Confidence is important because no

  • Free Throws

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    and i’d learn to shoot by B.E.E.F (Balance, eyes, elbows in, and follow through), but one tasked seemed to be unimportant to me and that was free throws. I couldn’t understand why we had to practice free throws so often and so much. I didn’t learn until later in life how important it was to have the skill of shooting free throws. While I was young free throws never seemed to be as important as they are today to me, when i was young this

  • Free Throw Shooting

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    Smart 2 Introduction: Free throw shooting is an art and skill which can affect the outcome of the game. The true definition is a stand still uncontested shot that is placed fifteen feet or four and fifty-seven hundredths meters from the basketball hoop (Lowry,5/13/07). In a coach’s mind free throws should be automatic, a player should rarely miss a free throw. But as the game keeps evolving, the fundamental of the free throw is being lost. There are plenty of things that go into the shot

  • Argumentative Essay On Underhand Shooting

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    handling, shooting, passing, dribbling, dunking, shot- blocking. Shooting successful free throws in basketball that is not the most glamorous skill that a player can acquire. At times, it is understated and considered to be a simple shot to score points. However, there have been debates regarding the technique of shooting free throws. The effectiveness of choosing between an underhand throw or an overhand throw still is fiercely

  • Basketball Is An Evolving Game

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    inbounding the ball instead of taking free throws. Intentional fouling is when a player fouls another player with the intent of putting them on the free throw line. This is called, “The Hack a Shaq technique,” because Hall of Fame player, Shaquille O’Neal, was often targeted with intentional fouls. Players are targeted with the Hack a Shaq technique when they do not shoot free throws efficiently. When a player shoots a low enough percentage from the free throw line, statistically they will not score

  • Descriptive Essay About Basketball

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    I used to put on my basketball shoes, and worry, about getting injured, or doing badly on the court. I would get stomach cramps, before each game. I always worried about how bad I would cramp up, or how miserably I would mess up during each game. You could say that this was my biggest “Achilles Heel.” Then one day, out of the blue, my mom said, “Hey Bryan, you have a tournament!!!” “What? Where?” I asked. “In San Francisco. Your first game is against the Oakland Rebels.” I groaned loudly

  • My First Basketball Game By Sebastian Vettel

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    the steal and I ran the fast break. As I went up for a layup, I was vigorously shoved to the floor and I was slow to get up. I knew I had to keep playing whether I was hurt or not. I walked up to the free throw line, in pain, hoping the referees wouldn’t pull me out of the game. I made both free throws and kept playing hard. With almost 10 seconds left, it was a tie ball game and my leg was bulking up with pain. We had the ball, and I was the one to take the last shot. I received the ball off of a