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  • Summary: The Physics Of Stopping

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    in front of you a chicken is crossing the road. You slam your foot onto the brake pedal, bringing the car to a stop with inches to spare. The chicken goes about its business completely oblivious, safely making it to the other side of the road. Heart pounding, you carry on with your drive, shaking your head at the close call and the chicken’s lack of judgement in choosing this particular moment to cross the road. Your brakes worked flawlessly, arresting the motion of a multi-ton object traveling

  • Checking A Car's Brake System

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    is very important you get your brakes inspected and fixed when something goes wrong. You can avoid getting scammed by taking your car to a reliable auto repair center for a quality brake inspection or brake repair. A car's brake system is complex, so it needs proper care and maintenance. If you suspect that there may be a problem with your brake system, you should get it checked out soon. The experts say that brakes should be checked every 6 months. If your brakes are making loud noises, squeaking

  • Automotive Brake Repair

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    The brakes on your car are essential when you need to stop or slow down—especially in the case of an emergency. But how do you know when they need to be repaired? The auto mechanics at M & R Automotive Service Center Inc. in Geneseo, NY provide expert brake service, transmission service, engine repair, and oil changes as well other quality car repairs and preventative maintenance. They want you to know the signs when your car needs brake repair. How can you tell when your brakes need to be fixed

  • Check A Car Essay

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    If the vehicle shows low mileage, especially for its age, look at the wear on the brake pedals and under the floor mats. A vehicle with 60,000 miles on it most likely won't have a severely worn brake pedal. If you see a severely worn brake pedal on a car with purported low mileage, be very suspicious. Likewise with worn carpet under the floor mats. The seller or another person could have tampered with the odometer

  • Spring Driving Essay

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    The sound of metal rubbing against metal is one of the signs that you need a brake replacement. You can also visually inspect your brakes by looking through your wheel spokes and checking the brake pads. If the pads are less than a quarter inch thick, then you will need new brakes. Griff’s Auto Towing Inc also suggests getting your brake fluids flushed according to the recommendation of your owner’s manual. Oil And Filters: Oil keeps your engine lubricated and

  • Engine Light Means

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    it stays for about 10 seconds, it means you exceeded a service interval. 3. Brake Warning Light – This is intended to alert you that your braking system is faulty. This can be due to several reasons. It may indicate that your handbrake is on which will also give off a smell of burning brake dust. Another warning is that the fluid in the master cylinder is low. For ABS equipped vehicles, you may have a second brake warning light. It could be that there is a dirt in the sensor or it if the problem

  • WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? Cars powered by electricity are referred to as

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    WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? Cars powered by electricity are referred to as electric cars. The type of car started to appear in the year 1999 in the state of California. They had also been manufactured in the early 1900,s. The cars were preferred because they did not make a lot of noise while travelling which created a pleasant experience for the users. Unlike the cars that used gasoline to function, electric cars were not tedious when starting and maintenance. Cars using gasoline

  • Are Classic Cars Reliable And Safe Essay

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    reliable and safe? The engine As we’ve seen throughout this blog, there is a substantial amount of classic car owners that care for their classic vehicles as if it were a family member. They perform regimented pre-season preparation, ensuring that all fluids, belts, gaskets and levels are in check, which would equate to a family member’s annual check-up. We would even be bold enough to say that classic cars, with their old-school mechanics and manufacturing are possibly even

  • Invention of the Automobile Essay

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    Invention of the Automobile In the beginning, man’s only form of transportation was his own feet. Later, to comfort his journey on foot, was the invention of footwear. Through envy of the speed of other animals he would learn to tame these animals. People who live in the desert ride atop camels. The people who live in the frigid climates travel by dogs. Some people from places like India ride elephants. But the must widely used form of transportation by animal power was by horse. Man would

  • Transitional Car Care Tasks

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    However, to verify your brake lights are working, you’ll need a spotter to verify whether the lights are working or not. Replace bulbs as needed. 2. Inspect the tires. Tires should be rotated on