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  • The History of Gnu/Linux Essay

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    GNU/Linux, as an operating system and massive community programming project, quickly became the flagship for the open source revolution and the claim to fame for two exceptional hackers, Richard Stallman and Linus Benedict Torvalds, the two most highly respected and well-known hackers that have ever lived.. Before the birth of the GNU/Linux and the open source revolution, a tight community of hackers dwelling within

  • History And Philosophy Of Open Source

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    The History and Philosophy of Open Source The open source movement was born in 1984, at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab when Richard M. Stallman quit his position at the university to begin the GNU Project. Having grown tired of seeing his colleagues being hired off by corporations and signing nondisclosure agreements for their work, he set off to create a completely free, open operating system. Though he specialized in the field, building such a system from the ground up is nearly impossible

  • Why Is Fig Universal Radio Peripheral

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    Fig : Universal Software Radio Peripheral [1] RTLSDR Till date, the USRP claimed to be a low cost device for some communication experiments. But now, a $20 revolution from Nooelec has appeared. The idea is to use consumer grade DVB-T Dongle based on Realtek RTL2832U as a fully-fledged cheap SDR device [1] In February 2012 the first FM radio signal was received with an RTL2832U RTL-SDR dongle using custom SDR drivers [3]. Since then RTL-SDR came onto the market, and various devices and software

  • A Study On My Colleague Career

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    During my colleague career, I had multiple statistical and model prediction courses that gave me the required foundation to handle this project successfully. For instance, I had Probability Theory and Stochastic Process, Thuy Mai CEO Kyle Jordan VP Marketing Rachelle Edllund Account Manager John Nguyen CSO Surya Sunkara Opearations Research Analyst MIke Nedeau VP Sales Independent Study in EMGT (Course Topic Robustness in Reverse Logistics) and Six-Sigma Quality courses that helped me to develop

  • The Architecture Of Software Defined Radios Essay

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    2.1 ARCHITECTURE OF SOFTWARE-DEFINED RADIOS As Reed (Reed, 2002) and others have stressed out, that the benefits of SDR approach go way beyond the multimode operations. Other benefits stem from the flexibility that comes with programmability. For instance, it can simplify design by allowing reuse of a common RF front end with new designs or modes of operation available through software changes. It also enables improvements to radio performance and functionality through application of digital signal

  • The Importance Of Screen Time In The Media

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    For as far back as I remember there has been a strong debate as to whether or not spending too much time in front of a media screen is bad for the youth. In these articles there are two strong positions and sides to the argument. Even though the first article has some valid points on why screen time should be minimized to the youth , which i will explain in this essay, I Personally have to disagree. Especially coming from someone who spent little time with media screens growing up I can explain how

  • Liraz's Argumentative Analysis

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    On the flip side, a suggested alternative to this problem is to make education entirely virtual, or at least a tech-dominated school. In this type of education, children would be taught through a method which they are most familiar—the screen—and as well it would prepare them to function in a tech-dominated world. While at first it may seem like the most achievable option, that does not make it the better option. Games cannot compare to the crucial value of real life experiences, whether it be playing

  • Using Edx Wireless Software Tool

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    Thus, careful selection of the firmware is required so that it matches with the requirements of our project. As far as software implementation is concerned, we have to learn the usage of SDR on GNU Radio or MATLAB platform for the successful working of our project. We have to figure out 802.11n protocol variant protocol for its implementation on an SDR in a way that provides viable network performance testing condition. The same has to be done for implementing LTE protocol on an SDR. Testing

  • Sr Lab Report

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    designed with the help of the cheapest SDR option Real Tech Software Defined Radio (RTL SDR), combined with an easy Homemade Quadrifilar Helix QFH antenna, . The software component of the station is built with GNU Radio, an open source tool with a rich set of signal processing features, Gpredict, a satellites tracker and Wxtoimg, a free weather satellite decoding program which can decode the APT signal Keywords— RTL-SDR, GNU Radio Companion, Ground Station, NOAA. I. INTRODUCTION The techniques of weather

  • Int Oddbits ( Void )

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    int oddBits(void) { int one = 0x49; int two = one | one<<< 17; return three; } int sign(int x) { /*negative and all the way right*/ return ((!x^1)|(x >> 31)); } int byteSwap(int x, int n, int m) { /*shifts by bytes*/ int n1 = n<<<< n1) & x; int mB = (0xFF << m1) & x; int both = (0xFF << n) | 0xFF << m; /*bytes back*/ int nBB = (nB>>n) & 0xFF; int mBB = (mB >> m) & 0xFF; /*new position*/ int nBBB = nBB<<<<<<>8&0xFF; int three = x>>16&0xFF; //int four = x>>24&0xFF;//