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  • Reflection Paper

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    every word you say and every action you undertake has the potential to change the world? I know that through my education at UConn, I can accomplish that goal. Bridgeport is a city where colorful graffiti decorates abandoned factories. There is a huge gap in education between this impoverished city and the adjacent towns. As a Bridgeport resident, I have experienced this firsthand. One summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Caroline House. I taught local elementary school students

  • Bridgeport Cover Letter

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    I really appreciate the opportunity to come to the University of Bridgeport to interview for the Assistant/Associate Provost position. The interactions with the University of Bridgeport community was very warm and welcoming. The interview process provided greater insights into the various dimensions associated with the Assistant/Associate Provost position. I am still interested in the position, and believe I would be a promising candidate for the position. I look forward to the final decision

  • Admissions Essay: Moving To Bridgeport

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    Texas. However, when I turned eight-years-old I traded the endless plains of the Texas panhandle for the lakes and trees of Bridgeport, Texas. This is the place where connected with the local community and grew closer with my family. I am grateful that I moved to Bridgeport because it gave me opportunities to grow and gave me the support of a small town environment. Bridgeport is located on the northwest outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex but it still has the small town “Friday Night Lights”

  • The Low Water Levels in Lake Bridgeport

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    Lake Bridgeport was built in 1930 for flood control, water storage and recreation. Tarrant County owns the land and water that makes the lake. There is a spillway that takes water through the Trinity River to Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth. This year has been a rough year for Lake Bridgeport with three digit temperatures and draining water to the other lakes. Since one of the purposes to build Lake Bridgeport was for storage, The Tarrant County water district approved to let out 20,000 acre feet

  • Bridgeport Middle School Naturalistic Observation

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    During my naturalistic observation, I was at my sister’s softball game at the field behind Bridgeport Middle School. There were two identical twins little girls, who were three years old, playing together in the practice batting cage. In the beginning, they were walking around together, eating popsicles while they watched two other older kids, a boy and a girl most likely around the age range of five to seven, chasing each other. The older kids were playing tag and invited the twins to join them

  • Money, Morality And Madness, By Jan Bridgeport Smith

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    In “Money, Morality and Madness,” author Jan Bridgeport-Smith narrates the “Kansas work” – an unsuccessful slave revolution led by John Brown in 1859. The author describes John Brown as a “radical abolitionist” native of Ohio who “has passion for justice” and “equality between the races.” (Smith 50) In April of 1848, Brown arrives to Peterboro, New York to find Gerrit Smith, a philanthropist and “peace-loving abolitionist” whom he aims to convince to finance his plan. He succeeds in recruiting people

  • Death Of The Illinois And Michigan Canal

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    LIFE IN BRIDGEPORT In 1836, Bridgeport was born out of the construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal. This alone “guaranteed Bridgeport 's position as an industrial center,” as it encouraged the creation of lumberyards, manufacturing plants, and packing houses (Bridgeport, Encyclopedia of Chicago, 1). Due to the steady access to employment, many immigrants settled and searched for work in the neighborhood. This translated into a growing foreign ‘white’ population as it “stood as a bastion of

  • HCAHPS Survey Analysis

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    When reviewing the HCAHPS survey results it is important to look at the demographic of the community the organizations service area. The HCAHPS survey is distributed to a random sample of adult patients discharged from the hospital. The survey has twenty-seven questions, categorized by ten domains. The domains address communication, pain control, cleanliness of the rooms, an overall hospital rating, and if patients would recommend the hospital. Even though it is well established that patient-centered

  • Rapper Q Tip From Hip Hop

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    declare the use of samples in their works. However, with fear of incurring additional costs, companies and artists also embraced the possibility of being sampled as they often earned royalties for their contributions. Some publishing companies, namely Bridgeport Music, Inc. and TufAmerica Inc., took the profitability of copyright ownership even

  • The Problem Of Housing In The Hollow

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    Housing In the Hollow there are mostly multi-family residences, and public housing. Approximately 77 percent of the available housing is renter-occupied. Forty-five percent of the housing was built between 1940 and 1969 (The City of Bridgeport, 2016). The overall condition and impression of most of the housing was rundown, in disrepair, or vacant. Every once in a while, you will see a completely renovated home, but no new construction. Almost all of the homes had some type of fence surrounding