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    the amazing Bruce Lee and his incredible movies in the early 1970s, it's arguable whether or not the martial arts film genre would have ever penetrated and influenced mainstream western cinema & audiences the way it has over the past three decades. The influence of Asian martial arts cinema can be seen today in so many other film genres including comedies, action, drama, science fiction, horror and animation.....and they all have their roots in the phenomenon that was Bruce Lee Bruce Lee was born

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    Bruce Lee Christian Estrada                                    March 22, 1996 Literature-07                               Biography Report Introduction      Bruce

  • Bruce Lee Personality

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    Bruce Lee was one of a kind. Breaking through racial barriers he would go on to to becoming a movie star and martial arts icon known around the world. Capturing the attention of those watching his films, sending shock and excitement as the world was captivated by his rip physique and explosive punches and kicks on the big screen but there was much more to the movie star than film could ever capture. Even decades after Bruce Lee’s untimely passing, there is still much that the modern day male can

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    One of the greatest martial artists of all time is named Bruce Lee. He grew up in Hong Kong, China where he later spread Chinese Kung Fu throughout the United States. Bruce and his family would not have to worry about money since the father was an actor. Getting bullied in his private school, Lee was destined to practice Kung Fu. From there, he practiced Wing Chun under the tutelage of Master Yip. Lee’s mother noticed he would be getting into trouble with the police frequently, so she thought of

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    BRUCE LEE Bruce Lee was perhaps the greatest Martial-Artist ever. He was born in San Francisco, California on November 27th, 1940. A few months after his birth, Bruce and his family move back to Hong Kong. Bruce starred in a number of films as a child. His first starring role was actually when he was six years old! It was a role in a film titled "Little Orphan Sam". At the age of 12, Bruce begins taking Martial-Arts instruction from the legendary Sifu Yap-Man, a master of the art of

  • The Way Of The Dragon By Bruce Lee

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    Way of the dragon. You can see that Bruce Lee’s took much pride in the way he thought about things when it came to race, gender and sexuality. We can see how Bruce Lee’s life and career reveal the Issues of race, gender and sexuality. In the book Eurasians you can see that there are a lot of factors that play into the how they were treated in the U.S Bruce Lee was Eurasian and was an excellent spokesperson for helping Eurasian to acclaimed in the U.S. Bruce looked at race, gender and sexuality

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    intercepting fist." Bruce studies all types of fighting from American Boxing to Thai Kickboxing. His simple philosophy was rather than block a punch and hit back with two distinct motions, why not intercept and hit in one, fluid stroke. Fluidity was the ideal. "Try and obtain a nicely-tied package of water," Bruce would taunt. "Just like water, we must keep moving on," Inosanto reitterates. "For once water stops, it becomes stagnant." Water, Bruce would always give as

  • A Man with a Dragon’s Spirit: Bruce Lee Essay

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    man who has my admiration and utmost respect is Bruce Lee. In the short 32 years of his life, Bruce Lee, created a legacy that is still prevalent today. He is thought by many as the “Greatest Martial Artist of the 20th Century”. His philosophies and insightful teachings have influenced many people, including myself. His perseverance and determination are beyond that of modern-day people and those are to qualities that deserve my admiration. Bruce Lee was born, November 27th 1940, in San Francisco

  • Bruce Lee was Better than Chuck Norris

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    many Chuck Norris jokes but hardly any Bruce Lee jokes? Because Bruce Lee is no joke. Through his films, philosophy, and legacy, Bruce Lee became an icon to the world. Lee’s films had consumed the kung fu genre, and in doing so made him an icon. First of all, kung fu was a new and growing genre, and Lee had monopolized them. According to Bruce Lee’s Wikipedia, before stardom Lee would take on minor roles in American TV dramas; in order to prove his worth, Lee went to China to star in films produced

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    Back in the day, Bruce Lee had gained popularity in the media for his action thrilling Kung Fu movies. Most people watched his movies without capturing what the movies truly unfolded. As his movies kept evolving into the new era, so did the themes that each movie contained. Starting from his first movie, “The Big Boss,” all the way to latest movie we’ve watched, “Way of the Dragon.” By studying his life and the movies he created, this paper will help reveal the ideas of race, specifically racism