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  • Buying a New Car

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    Buying a New Car XECO/212 Principles of Economics April 1, 2012 Buying a new car is fun and exciting but there are many factors in today’s market that are affecting those who want to purchase a new car. Not only are fuel prices incredibly high and expected to go higher based on tensions in the Middle East, employment is looking up but many are still without jobs or enough income to purchase a new vehicle. There are a few car makers that understand those looking for an economic vehicle that

  • After Sales Service Of Buying A New Car : Service Failure And Possible Solution

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    sales service of buying a new car: service failure and possible solution There was an experience of the writer about an after sales service of a new car. It was about the car ownership document which service is handled by the car dealer and the process could be normally about three months. The problem occurred when the writer’s wife could not take the car ownership document because some administrative procedures. After about another two weeks of inconvenient process, finally the car document was delivered

  • Buying A Big Ticket Item Suck As A Television Or A New Car Essay

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    If your like most people today you do most of your research and planning online before purchasing a big ticket item suck as a television or a new car. In most cases when your doing research you would expect that the retailer 's Website will give you all the information needed to make a confident decision about a purchase. The strong online retailers and e-stores know exactly what your looking for, they have fine tuned their marketing strategies to meet and exceed your needs online and drive sales

  • Why Do People Spend More Time Buying A New Car Or Planning A Vacation?

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    Introduction Why do people spend more time buying a new car or planning a vacation than investing their life savings? Most people know they should play a more active role in their investments but they often do not know where to start. Investing simply means putting your money to work so it can make more money. The responsibility for retirement planning is shifting to the individual. According to Statistics Canada, the amount of paid workers covered by a registered pension plan dropped from 44

  • Car Disadvantages

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    for a new vehicle, there are numerous options on the market that give a variety of people in different financial situations the opportunity to obtain a car. Whether it be leasing a car, buying a brand new car, or buying a used car, many options are present. Each of these options are associated with both pros and cons. Car dealers tend to persuade people to follow the most expensive path, but this is generally not the best option. The best choice when acquiring a new car is to purchase a used car, paid

  • Car Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Car shopping is extremely stressful and tiring, hoping from dealer to dealer trying to get the best prices and rates. The question is whether to buy new or used. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. With new you can build the car exactly how you want it with the latest technology but be ready to pay a hefty price, more expensive insurance and a hard depreciation hit. Buying used you save up some more money. Maybe you can get a car that’s a year or two old like new condition. You don’t take

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying A Car

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    Buying a car, new or used is one of the worst investments anyone can possibly make in their lifetime. A car is a depreciating asset, it loses value rapidly and drastically. Despite a car being a money pit, a reliable form of transportation is essential in order for most people to produce an income. The question is whether to buy a new or used vehicle. Both come with their advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on what the buyer wants and their approach to buying a car. I would never buy

  • Caring : A Car Vs. Buying A Car

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    able to have transportation to go from one point to another. The most independent form of transportation one can have is a car; however, one needs to decide how to acquire the car with either purchasing or leasing the vehicle. What really makes the difference between leasing versus buying is the question. Ultimately it is a better decision to buy a car as opposed to leasing a car because it is much more cost-effective, it allows a person to have ownership of a vehicle, and the person is not financially

  • How to Buy a Car Essay

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    Buy a Car Stephanie Gallion ENG 080 Looking for a new car? Well here are ten easy steps to finding the car that best suits you and your needs. First step, “What kind of car do you need?” Instead of worrying about what you are wanting, worry about what you are needing. What are you going to use the car for? How many seats do you want to fill? Do you care about gas mileage? What kind of driving do you do the most? How far do you drive every day? Usually people, when buying a new car, only

  • Cause And Effect Of Buying A Car

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    of buying a new car Vehicles are a part of a person’s everyday life these days. You see them everywhere, no matter if it’s a big city, or a little country town. People use cars to travel to all sorts of places, whether it is a school or work. We push our vehicles to the maximum so they seem to wear out really fast. It seems like every five to six years you have to purchase a new one. People have so many causes to by a new car these days but owning a car also comes with a lot of effects. New cars