Cache La Poudre River

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  • Gary Wockner's Argument For Using More Water

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    Snow falls gracefully from the sky, landing atop the beautiful Rocky Mountains. When that snow melts into water, it collects into streams, which run into rivers, and low down into the plains and further into different states. That water that originally fell as snow will be collected and pumped into thousands of homes, businesses, and farmlands in order to supply thousands of people with safe drinking water. One thing people generally do not concern themselves with, is water usage, and so in the United

  • Water Pollution

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    Examining the Effects of Climate Change on Water Quality in Greeley, Colorado William Radmacher Lab Partners: Jake Hooker, Davitia James, Mikayla Young Date: 9/23/2017 Abstract Climate change has an effect on water quality as a function of aridity on erosion, fire variables, and flood intensity. The conjunction of these factors lead to increased sediment in water sources for Greeley, Colorado. This research is an attempt to establish baseline and flood discharge rates in the context of climate

  • Description Of Conservation Problem / Issue

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    Description of conservation problem/issue We would like to create a new path for the Poudre river in the area that it flows through River Bluffs Open Space. The river is currently channelized, creating a larger possibility for flood damage and lessing suitable wildlife habitat. We would like to makes changes to the river bed and bank so that it takes a more meandering path through River Bluffs Open Space. This will create more recreational opportunities within the open space such as angling, rafting/kayaking

  • Watersheds

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    by putting sea bins in some rivers that you can tell are contaminated with trash. We started brainstorming and ended up with the thought about putting a sea bin in the Poudre River first for like a month or two to see if there’s any difference. If putting a sea bin there is successful then we thought about putting more sea bins in rivers in Colorado. In order for this to work we would have to request people for the help we need, buy materials, place sea bin in the river, constantly check on our idea