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  • Basketball Games Should Be Taught At The University Of Kansas

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    are celebrating and cheering for their college men 's basketball teams. For the University of Kansas, this arena is the historic Allen Fieldhouse. It is consistently ranked the most difficult venue to play basketball in the Big 12 Conference, and holds the second-largest crowd of the ten university teams in the Big 12 with the capacity for 16,300 fans (Medcalf para. 21). The students attending the University of Kansas have 4,000 seats designated for them to watch their beloved players take the court

  • A Research On The Kansas State University Housing

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    at, for my existing 4 years or maybe years? So, I did my research on the Kansas State University housing homepage. As I am looking through my options, I was interested in the Kramer complex’s. My mom told me is it safe, healthy, and in good living conditions to live there? When I kept scrolling down it showed how it will have safety and good health conditions throughout the complex. According to the Kansas State University housing and dining home page, “020 Forming a Committee, Every College must

  • Kansas State University Parking Issues

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    Many students at Kansas State University have a problem with having to hunt for a parking spot every time they arrive on campus. Buying a permit every year does not guarantee you a parking spot; it is more of a hunting permit. It does not seem to be fair that the university keeps taking away parking spots. Some of these spots were taken away in order to better the university with a new water treatment plant, but as the number of enrolled students is on the rise, the number of open parking spots continues

  • University Of Kansas: Case Study

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    The University of Kansas is extending its hand to a few community colleges in the area. Butler Community College in particular is taking this step to pave the way for its college students to earn dual degrees. Butler Community College initially does not offer such options. With the help of University of Kansas School of Nursing, Butler and three other Kansas community colleges are set to launch a new program that allows students to earn dual degrees simultaneously. Butler Community College primarily

  • Kansas State University Research Paper

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    in western Kansas. My entire life I have been blessed with the good company of the people of Kansas. That is why I chose to receive my education at Kansas State University, and is also one of the many reasons why I am ardent towards attending school at the University of Kansas. I feel very fortunate to have one of the top occupation therapy programs in the country within the borders of my home state. I have multiple family members that have received their doctorate from Kansas University and continue

  • Kansas State University Scholarship Essay

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    of Labor Statistics). Degrees for this field of study can be found at many colleges including Kansas State University. Kansas State is a great college that is full of opportunities for scholarships and has a wide variety of clubs and degrees. There are three major steps in becoming an architect. The first step is earning a degree the lowest of which and the lowest degree required is a bachelor's. In Kansas State a bachelor's degree is not offered. The main focus is a master’s degree that can be earned

  • Essay On Kansas City Vs University

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    prove to be difficult and overwhelming. Although very close in location the university of Kansas (KU) is very different than the university of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC). The university of Kanas is a much better school than the university of Missouri, Kansas City because of its superior campus style, welcoming community feeling, and large range of majors and activities. One great thing about the university of Kansas is the large campus style. KU has a campus size of over 1,000 acres and 130 separate

  • 30 For 30 There's No Place Like Home Summary

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    history; the rules of basketball. The rules, invented by James Naismith, were going to be auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York City. Josh Swade is an extremist KU fan with a mission to bring the rules of basketball back to their rightful location of Kansas University. This document started the birthplace of basketball in KU, yet the document was auctioned, and it potentially could have left it’s befitting home at KU. This historic document belongs to KU. The rules of basketball document belongs to KU

  • Kansas Wesleyan University Case Study

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    Kansas Wesleyan University has many great resources available to the students that benefit them in many ways, from learning how to finance your tuition to getting a parking pass for your car. As a student, I have an academic advisor to help me with more than just my scheduling. I have access to the Financial Planning Office and the Student Development Office. I also get a variety of education assistance at the Student Success Center. Originally, an academic advisor is thought to be a professor who

  • Essay Is There a Hunger Issue at the University of Kansas

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    Introduction Hunger is an issue that impacts students at the University of Kansas. This report will highlight the evaluation that was done to justify the opening of a food pantry on campus. The report covers the initial proactive evaluation, the clarifying evaluation, an interactive evaluation, and a monitoring evaluation. Proactive Evaluation The purpose of the proactive evaluation is to find out if there is a hunger issue at the University of Kansas. Based on the results of the evaluation, a program could