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  • The Importance Of Community Service

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    Nowadays, community service has become a fully organized integral part of social life for people to engage in “activities that address human and community needs”. (Wikipedia) On the other hand, Community service is also an essential component of service-learning course system, as a method of teaching that “encourages a heightened sense of community, civic engagement and personal responsibilities”. (Wikipedia) Different from traditional volunteerism, service-learning program is a form of experiential

  • College Students Perceptions Of Slut Shaming Discourse On Campus

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    COLLEGE STUDENTS PERCEPTIONS OF SLUT-SHAMING DISCOURSE ON CAMPUS A Graduate Research Project by VANESSA ADRIANA ALMAZAN Submitted to the College of Graduate Studies Texas A&M University-Kingsville in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE May 2015 Major Subject: Counseling and Guidance ABSTRACT College Students Perceptions of Slut-Shaming Discourse on Campus (Spring 2015) Vanessa A. Almazan, M.A., Texas A&M University-Kingsville

  • Sexual Relationship Life From A Contemporary Female 's Perspective

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    Sex on Campus- She can play that game too written by Kate Taylor of the New York Times, composed this article to shed light on college personal / sexual relationship life from a contemporary female’s perspective. The challenges these young ladies encounters of attempting to discover and maintain an equilibrium of partaking in an enjoyable sex life while concentrating on their scholastic and professional objectives. Over an entire school year, interviewed by Taylor, sixty women were in a “Hook Up”

  • The Influence of the Student Protest Movement on United States' 1960's

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    The 1960’s was a decade filled with controversies and the fight for equality. The Student Protest Movement was the fuel to the fire that feed many protests on several important matters. At the beginning the students stood for a positive change in America. It is certain that such beliefs gave theses activist the title of dreamers. They would start small but eventually make their way up against the government, also known as “the man”. The beginning of the movement held different beliefs from what eventually

  • The International Justice Mission : Christopher Newport University Campus Chapter

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    Mission: Christopher Newport University Campus Chapter Job Description: leading IJM CNU Campus Chapter; active in all events; planning and running the general and officer meetings; making room reservations; overseeing and coordinating the activities of the Chapter; monitoring the use of funds; communicating with new and continuing members; collaborating with other organizations and clubs; serving as the representative for the Chapter to the college campus (school administration/faculty, student

  • The Social Needs For Students ' Intellectual Development More Than Their Personal Growth Essay

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    place emphasis on students’ intellectual development more than their personal growth. Nevertheless, many students experience college life stressful. College students often find themselves feeling isolated as they begin their lives on a university campus (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2014). Therefore, their social needs in addition to their academic needs must be addressed (see Corey, et al., 2014; Ramsay, Jones, & Barker, 2007). Developmentally, college age individuals transition from adolescence to young

  • A Sorority Is A Subculture Or A Segment Of Society 's Population

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    campuses (Macionis 64). These sororities have their own language, norms, beliefs, and values. Most college campuses have many charters or different sororities to choose from when a student wants to pledge a sorority. On the Saint Francis University campus, there are seven sororities that a female student can belong to. Each sorority has a different philanthropy which is a foundation that the sorority stands behind. For example Delta Phi Epsilon stands behind the Educational Foundation, this foundation

  • Descriptive Essay On A Amethyst Night

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    A Amethyst Night It was late afternoon, a tuscan sunset Idyllwild ablaze as it neared dusk. With doors exposing the symphony of music and chatter emanating from the common room, I stood admiring the scene before me. Chloe, a light blonde haired girl with coral cheeks a year younger than me, peeked her head into the room with pleading eyes which bore into my soul. Oh no this little freshman is a little too happy, I'm guessing its another boy in her jazz band. She was desperately begging me to come

  • The Importance Of Free Speech In Higher Education

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    solidify and safeguard. Despite our best efforts, differentiating ideas and free speech continue to be segregated in favor of popular opinion especially in higher education. Often times, students along with public speakers and professors are silenced on campus because of conflict with the public’s sentiment. This obstruction of the basic American value of free speech in higher education comes with a detrimental cost to liberal education and the free flow of ideas. Liberal education (the idea that education

  • Persuasive Essay On Visit To College

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    No matter what grade you’re in, campus visits in any form are beneficial. A camp at the university or college, a campus event, or your usual campus visit are all great ways to experience the place you’re considering calling home for your college years. My mom had some great advice in this process for me which was what helped keep my somewhat levelheaded during the college decision process. Don’t wait until senior year to do your visits This is a sure way to be incredibly stressed out. Amongst