Carrie White

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  • Self-Hatred In Carrie White

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    Carrie’s mom in the 2013 film is more interested in harming herself than harming Carrie White. In the original version there was a sense of self-hatred, but in the latest version that self-hatred is magnified. Margaret White’s self-harm in the original version seemed like a ploy to increase the fear of her daughter. However, in Pierce’s version anytime she is on screen in the new edition it raises her undisclosed infatuation with self-harm. In this film, it is apparent that a rape caused her unyielding

  • Carrie White Compare And Contrast

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    and condemnatory male religious icons don’t border the female residents and shimmer down at them as they did in the previous version. Although some of the events that take place in the household are far from normal, the film gives no indication that Carrie is not in a healthy environment. By highlighting the normality of Carrie’s living conditions the director removes the focus off of the mother-daughter relations. In the original version, there was a sense of self-hatred, but in the latest version

  • Carrie White Biography

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    their foot to nake a living no matter what happens to ones life there is always a solution for the person to leave. Carrie White’s was not something planned but she came as an unxepeted marital rape which had an influence for themmother to end her lifr from the very first day she arrrived but becuase her prenscence in this world had apurpose the mother couldn’t end her life. Carrie grew up in a christian

  • Carrie White Research Paper

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    Baker Channing April 24, 2017 Annotated Works Cited Carrie. Dir. Kimberly Peirce. Perf. Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore. N.p., n.d. Web. A teenager Carrie White faces abuse from her disconnected, horrifying, devotedly religious mom. When weird incidents start to happen around Carrie, she begins to think that she has telekinesis powers. Her life starts to go down hill when she is invited to the prom by Tommy, a jock from her school. She tries to let her guard down, but when she gets pranked prom

  • Examples Of Sin In Carrie By Stephen King

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    justify doing things by any means possible. Carrie, by Stephen King, is the story of a young girl and the sudden discovery of her telekinetic abilities. Carrie has been abused, both physically and emotionally, all of her life by her mother and her peers at school. Upon discovering her abilities, Carrie decides that she will make them all pay, and she does. Looking at the two of us, Carrie and I have the same personality type we are independent and like to

  • Theme Of Bully In Stephen King's Carrie

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    twist in his novel Carrie. King’s fear

  • Carrie is an Intense and Amazing Book by Stephen King

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    book that I chose for my 3rd quarter book report was “Carrie” by: Stephen King. The book is about a sixteen year old girl name Carrietta White, who lives in Chamberlain, Maine with her mother Margaret White. Carrie attends Bates High school which isn’t really a pleasant experience for her, at school Carrie is constantly mocked and teased by her peers because of the way she dresses, looks, and her weight. At home things are much worse for Carrie because of her overly religious and abusive mother Margaret

  • Use Of Literary Elements In Stephen King's On Writing

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    Authors use literary elements and techniques as tools to convey meaning. These devices are the means by which authors bring richness and clarity to a text. They express moods or feelings that allow the reader to connect with the writing. In On Writing, the author, Stephen King makes use of literary elements to tell his story. The techniques King uses are effective in portraying vivid images and feelings in the reader’s mind. One example in which King uses such elements is early in the book. King

  • The Second Wave Of Feminism And The Gay Liberation Movement

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    consequently tortured for their promiscuity.The women are young, vibrant, socially aware, and are comfortable with their sexuality. It would be safe to say that these women would be a part of this movement given the historical context. The women in the film Carrie would

  • Carrie By Stephen King Analyse

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    Lauren Ciha “Carrie” Stephen King Horror Carrie is a story about a girl who has never fit in at school. All the other kids were always mean to her. They ether never thought of her feelings, or didn’t care. One day, in the girls locker room, the teasing got out of hand. This time, a teacher caught them. This time, revenge was in order. At least, that’s what Chris Hargensen thought. The punishment for their crime, no prom. Chris wasn’t going down without a fight, but she sure went down. When a vicious