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  • The Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment In Education

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    Why is violence towards a peer considered assault, yet violence administered by adults unto children acceptable in society? Where is the line drawn between criminal and lawful battery? The answer, some maintain, is that there is not one. Corporal punishment, in this regard, is the physical punishment of children in the school system, more commonly referred to as “spanking”. This debated subject divides the “United” States. Twenty-two states permit physical punishment in the education system, and

  • The Common Law Defence Of Reasonable Disciplinary Chastisement Essay

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    Criminal law assignment 1 Topic 7: Reasonable disciplinary chastisement Introduction: This assignment aims to provide a refined understanding regarding the common law defence of reasonable disciplinary chastisement (“RDC”) in South African law, in the context of a statement issued by the South African Minister of Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini (“Dlamini”). Firstly, an analytical response will be given as to whether the author of this text agrees with Dlamini’s statement. Secondly, using

  • Should Child Discipline On A Physical Level?

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    child “illegal”. The only law that is besides that is reasonable chastisement. The meaning of reasonable chastisement is stated as “Parents have the right to make choices about reasonable punishments, but there is a fine line between "reasonable chastisement" (which is a defence in law) and assault (which is a criminal offence) ( may, 2015)” A smack is considered reasonable chastisement if it’s, done by an open hand and not a closed fist or any sort

  • Han Fei Legalism Analysis

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    sides to Legalism, commendation and chastisement. Commendation is “to bestow encouragements or rewards on men of merit” which means that there are rewards in this lawful society (Han Fei 98). However, the men of merit must be worthy of the reward in order to receive commendation. Chastisement is “to inflict death or torture upon culprits” which means that if one man does something to the extent of death or torture, that would show chastisement (Han Fei 98). Chastisement can also be described as crimes

  • American Code And The Code Of Hammurabi

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    common law that served as a source for American criminal law. The American Code and the Code of Hammurabi are the earliest written criminal codes. They set down laws prohibiting specific behaviors. These codes continued the harsh translations of lex talionis but further specified the concept of equality of revenge”. The severity of the retaliation must be equal to the severity of the offense, and the punishment or amount of retaliation must fit the crime. The moral condemnation and stigmatizing effect

  • Safety In The Giver

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    Measures are always being taken to ensure the safety of the people which makes the society in which Jonas lives very safe. These measures are what makes the community a safe place to live in. In the Giver written by Lois Lowry the society that is being shown is taking safety to another level. The leaders of this society are doing everything they can to protect the citizens. When a jet flew over the town the leaders did not hesitate to bring everyone to shelter. “All of the citizens were ordered

  • Classical Conditioning : The Greatest Ideas Of Our Culture

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    Classical conditioning is one of the greatest ideas of our culture. "Any person, regardless of his or her background, could be trained to act in a particular manner given the right conditioning". Classical conditioning is continuously happening in our life. How we act has significant repercussions of accepting typical and chaotic actions with people. "Classical (or Pavlovian) conditioning is one of the fundamental ways we learn about the world around us. But it is far more than just a theory of learning;

  • The Pros And Cons Of Domestic Violence

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    In order to protect the husbands from harm due to their ability to beat their wives. Chastisement is equivalent to punishing a person or having control over every single part of them. In the year of 202 B.C women began having more rights and that allowed them to sue their partner for any reason. It wasn't until the 1400’s the church got involved

  • Corporal Punishment with Respect to the Private and Public Sphere

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    health and gender of the child. Corporal punishment by parental authority can only succeed as a defence if it meets these requirements, as well as having the intention to discipline or educate the child. 3 1 Arguments against parent’s right of chastisement The harm inflicted on a child when punishing him/her, violates the human rights of the child, which states that every child should be protected from abuse or degradation in section 28(d) of the Constitution. Another point of inconsistency the legalisation

  • Essay On Loss Of Innocence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    Loss of Innocence To Kill A Mockingbird is a modern literature novel published by Harper Lee to describe the events of the 1930s. Lee revolves the literature around a six-year-old, literate girl name Jean-Louise Finch, commonly known as Scout, who lives in a compact populated city of Maycomb, Alabama. Since the classic historical novel associates to the time period of 1930, the literature exhibits dismantled early thoughts of the South. Scout, being exposed to unadulterated talk from