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  • My Best Friend

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    It was starting from one month ago. I played basketball with my best friend and I also know he is better than me. Yeah, I’m jealous of him so I pushed him to think he hurts his ankle, I know I did wrong but I just felt that he was so cocky, I didn’t say sorry. I didn’t want to say sorry. Well after that I feel awkward but I thought he could just think joke or will be fine but I could feel he doesn’t like me anymore he treat me like trash, I didn’t know what did I do I just pushed him but I really

  • Personal Narrative Essay : What I Did This Summer

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    that were considered fun for me, like shopping, hanging out with my family, hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, the water park and much more. But I will only break it down to two or three of my favorite things I did this Summer, so stick around to see what my favorite things about this Summer were. Like I said in my introduction, this paragraph will be about when I went shopping multiple times with my family. I know it might sound dumb for a first paragraph but, too me it was awesome. That's

  • Reflection : My Chorus As The Chorus In The Middle School

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    Going into this class, I was not expecting to learn much or enjoy it very much. I expected it to be like chorus was in middle school when we lip sang and messed around all class. I chose chorus as my music credit because I didn’t expect that I would be so nervous going into the concert. I thought that I would just cruise through the concert and not have to sing at all. Shortly into the semester, I realized that this class was for real. I started to learn about all of the singing techniques that I

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    In was a nice summer day in a quiet neighborhood and Timmy spent his summer days riding his bike. He would ride to his friend’s house and spend half of his day doing, summer school work, play football, and talk about cars. His friend Roger, told Timmy that his family will going be going on vacation for the next two weeks and had invited Tim to come join them. Timmy ran home excited to tell his mom about the invitation. Timmy ran through the door, slammed it shut and asked his mom if he was able

  • Personal Narrative-Duty Gambling

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    over to my friends house around 6 PM to go to a sleepover at my best friend Anthony's house. My dad said “don't sneak out tonight or anything like that.” So I nodded my head yes because he was my dad. When I got out my other friends Drew, Griffin, Bryan all said hi to me than we continued to go into the house to play some video games and we always have call of duty tournaments to see who is the best one. Than I won the call of duty tournament than we went to the movies around 7 than I remember it was

  • Short Story

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    entirely awe struck! Feeling as though one has stepped into a fairy tale brought to life, and that sky, the most beautiful clear sky ever seen by human eyes. I lift my hand to move some hair from my face only to stop dead in my tracks. Attempting to jump around like a little schoolchild before realizing the controls are a little bit different from the real word. Only had I taken notice to this revelation five seconds before would I not have fallen on my butt. Shuddering in "pain,” I find myself becoming

  • The Benefit Of The Internet

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    a daily basis. People can easily research and communicate on the Internet efficiently and effectively. The efficiency and accessibility of the Internet improves learning in classrooms and communication. It allows people to communicate with others around the world. The Internet can be useful in the classroom by allowing students to learn comfortably, learn at their own pace, express their creativity in different mediums for projects, and access an infinite amount of information at their fingertips

  • Descriptive Essay

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    for SCUBA Diving and Open Water fishing, called a Mako. I steered the boat into a pretty unprotected bay that had a nice black sand beach to the north and sheer cliffs to the south. The green vegetation clearly contrasted with the black lava fields around it.The water was deep in the bay. Yet the coral reef was visible even in the deepest spots. The boat was swaying ever so slightly rocking with the tides as i stepped away from the helm. I dropped the anchor and looked over to my best friend Brianna

  • Stand and Deliver in the Film Blackboard Jungle

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    movie represented an important change in films, by presenting relevant cultural issues occurring in society. The film similarly had a significant effect in music by using Rock ‘n’ Roll music in the soundtrack, making Bill Haley and the Comets “Rock Around the Clock” an instant hit song. The movie received Academy Award nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay; Best Cinematography; Best Art Direction; and Film Editing. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) acknowledged the soundtrack among the most influential

  • Tupac Shakur 's `` Keep Ya Head Up ``

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    single in 1994. Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up”, one of his most notable and recognizable singles, received acclaim upon its release and continues to do so. The record centers on the social climate in the 90’s, and Tupac’s own experiences from his youth. Around the time of the song’s release, Tupac’s indictment in a rape case colored the reception of the song although it remained mainly positive. Tupac speaks on multiple issues through his lyrics, making it effective as a critique of society; moreover, the