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  • Nursing Personal Statement Examples

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    my impeccable work ethic and considerable skills to ensure that I accomplish my duties on time and with high quality. With these attributes, I am capable of producing remarkable results with any organization. As a Medical Contracts Analyst with Coalinga State Hospital, one of my main responsibilities included the direct management of 130 medical contacts. In this capacity, I was able to review and negotiate all hospital contracts, which included the

  • The Pros And Cons Of Attending West Hills College

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    positive outcomes. One of the many positive outcomes it has is that you have the privilege to interact more with the instructor and the students that are in the class. Furthermore being enrolled in a community college for instance West Hills College Coalinga gives you the privilege of making friends. Going into a smaller campus helps students get to their class faster without an exception of getting

  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Fresno County

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    have lived my whole life in Coalinga. Coalinga is where my California story began. This is where I got my ideas of what California truly means. California isn’t always going be driving on a smooth road there are times where you have to drive on either a bumpy road or a cracked road. Coalinga has taught me that being different is a good thing, but there are struggles along the way. That’s how life is; it’s not always a walk in the park instead it’s a burning house. Coalinga was my environment and still

  • Why I Chose College Essay

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    well, but not as overpriced like all the big colleges. I would prefer to attend a small college in a small town. For example, I chose to attend West Hills Coalinga because I thought it would be a great experience since it is a small college; I come from a small town, therefore I would fit in better there than in a big school. West Hills Coalinga has the same opportunities all colleges have, but not only that, you can save yourself many personal and financial expenses as well. Going to a college

  • Social Media's Negative Influences on Social Interaction Essay examples

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    they then proceeded to text friends or post information on Facebook and/or Twitter about the video. This study will take place in two different locations, the first place being a Starbucks coffee shop in Coalinga, CA, while the second place will be West Hills Community College in Coalinga, CA. The setting’s benefits and weaknesses will be discussed later in this research assignment. The purpose of this location is to record the actions and uses of social media with complete strangers, as well

  • My Family - Original Writing

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    That’s how it all started my mother was tired of living the same routine everyday. She one day came across a close friend who was telling her how happy she was to be out of Los Angeles with her new career. A new job was offered to my mother in Coalinga so she agreed. Then, it hit me that we were going to have to move, but I was barely going to enter second grade and even a chance to get the same class with one of my cousins. I couldn’t imagine living 4 hours away from my family. That’s all I had

  • Creative Writing: The Carcass Virus

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    village O’Grady felt that even after an outbreak such as this there would be some sign of life in the area, but there was absolutely nothing in sight. As O’Grady searched the village for people, a family halfway across the world in the small town of Coalinga California got ready for a missionary trip. “Cindy, come on!” called, the youngest of the family, Owen. ”Hold on Owen I have to find my inhaler” replied Cindy, his oldest sibling. “We are going to be late if we don’t go now” “One second

  • The Effects Of Pollution On The Air Quality Standard

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    The two biggest air pollution in California are transportation such as cars and trucks and stationary sources such as oil refineries and industry facilities. Two major pollutions are ozone and fine particulate materials. Ozone also known as smog. The cause of smog includes the automobile and industrial processes that involve combustion of fossil fuels. The products of fossil fuel consumption are sulfur dioxide, particles, ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and lead. Ground-level

  • On Campus Housing At Community Colleges

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    The focus of this paper is to dispel a common view that community colleges do not provide on-campus housing and to provide greater insights into the types of community colleges that provide on-campus housing, the typical student who resides in on-campus housing, a guide to various California community colleges that provide on-campus housing, and the impact that on-campus housing has on student learning outcomes, financial gains for community colleges that provide on-campus housing, and an overview

  • Watson's Theory of Human Caring

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    human-beings and treating them with dignity and respect. A.B. was a 40 year old Afro-American male, transferred to my unit with a new diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, signs, symptoms, labs and assessments had been missed along the way. A.B. and Coalinga State Hospital (C.S.H.) had recently petitioned the court for an Emergency Compassionate Release, which had been denied. A.B. was angry and fearful of the unknown to say the very least. During my assessment and developing a plan of care for A.B.