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  • Comparing Dermot Bolger’s The Holy Ground and In High Germany

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    Comparing Dermot Bolger’s The Holy Ground and In High Germany       Some call it Ireland. Others instead choose to call it the Holy Ground. In the end, it doesn't matter which name is used to refer to the Emerald Isle. To those with Irish heritage, the mere mention of Ireland is enough to evoke many emotions: pride, happiness, nationalism, anger, just to name a few. They feel strongly about the country. It is not just the place where they were born. Love it or hate it, it is home. Dermot Bolger

  • Social Stratification

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    Queenstown (Cobh) its last port of call - is just a few kilometres from my home town. The Titanic was dubbed “unsinkable” and was so confident in its invincibility that its lifeboat capacity could accommodate less than half of the individuals onboard. While this means

  • Who Is To Blame Titanic

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    Hartley for £112,000. In contrast to Holverson’s letter, which was reclaimed from his person, Titanic’s “last letter” was carried onto a lifeboat in a survivor’s pocket, and Wallace’s letter was sent at a mail stop in Queenstown, Ireland—now called Cobh—that Titanic made before crossing the Atlantic. This article was mostly about how they found a letter written by a men writing to his mother, when the police went to pick up bodys and remains fro the titanic they found the letter and gave it to

  • Identity: My Culture, Identity, And Cultural Identity

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    My Cultural identity  The pendulum in a grandfather's clock speaks to me the most. It swings back and forth between two sides, never truly belong in neither. Growing up, this is what I have always felt, whether it was my ethnicity, cultural identity, or my social identity encompassing my ideology and political opinions. It was a challenge, to say the least. My two drastically different worldviews were in constant conflict. Today, as an adult, I have come to the realisation that there was no need

  • The Outline Of The Titanic

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    Started building on March 31, 1909. The Titanic set sail on April 10, 1912. It sank on April 15, at 2:20 A.M. Where: Left from Southaptom, England, and was on its way to New York. Made stops in Cherbourg, France and sailed to Queenstown(now known as Cobh), Ireland. Sank in the North Atlantic. Who: Ship was created by White Star Liner. The architect was Thomas Andrews. Around 2,200 people were boarded on the ship. Edward John Smith was the appointed captain. What: The construction of the RMS Titanic

  • Why The United States Should Enter World War I

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    In this paper, the topic that is going to be discussed is what pushed the United States to enter World War I, and how did its entry affect the outcome of the war. The two main reasons that caused the United States to enter the war are the Zimmerman Telegram and the issues of unrestricted submarine warfare. the following paragraphs are going to discuss these topics a little further. Many things lead up to the US involvement in WWI. Germany had declared war on Russia and France, and Great Britain had

  • The Royal Mail Steamer Titanic Essay

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    The Royal Mail Steamer Titanic was the product of intense competition among rival shipping lines in the first half of the 20th century. In particular, the White Star Line found itself in a battle for steamship primacy with Cunard, a venerable British firm with two standout ships that ranked among the most sophisticated and luxurious of their time. Cunard’s Mauretania began service in 1907 and immediately set a speed record for the fastest transatlantic crossing that it held for 22 years. Cunard’s

  • Diary Of An Irish Immigrant

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    Ryan February 16th, 2017 Class 811 Period 3 The Diary of an Irish Immigrant Entry #1: Leaving Ireland. December 8th, 1892 It 's so cold today. I sit on a suitcase packed for me, Norah. I am from a small town in Ireland called Cobh, and I live there with my mother, father and little sister. Glenn is my older brother, three years older than me. Oh, and I 'm sixteen. I guess you could call this feeling anxiety, but it really is more than that. It feels like I 'll never come home

  • The 1913 Lockout, 1916 Rising, the Treaty of 1921 and the Causes of the Civil War, 1922

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    The 1913 Lockout, 1916 Rising, the Treaty of 1921 and the Causes of the Civil War, 1922 John Redmond became the leader of the Home rule party when the English election was a draw. Neither the conservatives nor liberals got a majority. Redmond and the home rule party now held the balance of power. The leader of the liberals, Asquith, promised Redmond in 1910 that Ireland would have home rule by 1914. Redmond accepted. The unionists refused to accept and decided to fight

  • A Tragedy Unfolded: The RMS Titanic

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    On April 10th, 1912 the Titanic made her maiden voyage with the destination of New York. She left from Southampton, England with stops in Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland (now known as Cobh). ( Titanic’s full title was RMS Titanic. RMS stood for Royal Mail Ship, in all Titanic would pick up more than 4,500 mail sacks and over 400,000 letters, from all of her stops. “Royal Mail Ships had to be fast and reliable. A ship that