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  • Importance Of Commercial Broadcasting

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    discussing whether public servicing broadcasting (PSB) is still relevant in 2017? I will be giving positives and negative views to come to a reasonable conclusion in which PSB is relevant. Public broadcasting is radio, television and other electronic media outlets, which are all trying to do the same job, which is entertain the viewers in other words public service. In majority of the world funding comes from the government through annual fees. Public broadcasting comes in two was locally or nationally

  • Difference Between Public And Commercial Broadcasting

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    completion, attach and return to my email address. Keep a copy for use as a study guide for the exam. 1. Explain the difference between Public and Commercial broadcasting - A public broadcaster is owned and supported by the general public. The TV license is paid by the general public, financing all of the general public broadcasters. A commercial broadcaster is privately owned and they finance themselves through advertisements. The general public isn 't paying the station. 2. The MacBride Report

  • What Is A Documentary?

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    production of fourteen music documentaries I created for commercial radio between 2008 and 2013. These findings provide a narrative of discovery, which build on the first four chapters by capturing the multitude of processes involved in shaping my work as a freelance radio documentary producer. By isolating and identifying key responsibilities and technical considerations, I provide insight into contemporary freelance documentary production for commercial radio, enabling me to explore the central questions

  • What Are The Key Objectives Of Broadcasting Service

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    Broadcasting Service Proclamation No. 533/2007 b. Key Objectives of the Measure It was necessary to revise the existing law on broadcasting services to take into account that broadcasting service plays a significant role in the political, economic and social development of the country by providing information, education and entertainment programs to the public. Moreover, broadcasting plays a major role in exercising the basic constitutional rights such as freedom of expression, access to information

  • Critical Marketing Plan Of The Album ' Weekends, By The Band Project Bongo

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    Introduction The following report will be a critical marketing plan of the EP ‘Weekends’, by the band Project Bongo. With help from academic theory and concepts this analysis will include an overview and aim of the band and its EP and a strategy for the potential seven areas involved in the release of any musical product. Additionally, this plan will produce a timeline and elaborate on a budget to bring the aforementioned theory into practice. Project Bongo is an independent five-piece band from

  • Assess the Factors Which Led to the Creation of Itv Essay

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    Assess the factors which led to the creation of ITV in 1954 Commercial Television has been playing big role in our lives for about 60 years already, whether it is the Morning News, Downton Abbey or The Britain’s Got Talent show (Johnson, Turnock, 2005: 1). Commercial television is entertaining, educating and informative and tries to fulfil viewer’s wishes of what they want to watch. British audience has been able to choose what they watch since 1954, when government published the Act of Television

  • How to Set Up Your Own Fm Radio Station - Licensing and Start Up Issues

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    you are a DJ or you have a band and want to reach an audience with your songs. Maybe, you have a huge collection of rock music and want to share it with the world. Maybe you are a member of club and want to make money by broadcasting a certain type of music along with commercials. Maybe you are a candidate and want to spread the word about your nomination and your speeches. Or maybe you are just person who is passionate

  • The First Amendment Essay

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    regulations that they do enforce are;  Retention of Material Broadcast  Station Identification  Broadcasts by Candidates for Public Office.  Political Editorials  Children's Television Programming.  Commercial TV Airing / Amount of Advertising  Obscenity and Indecency  Broadcast Hoaxes  Requirement to Maintain a Public Inspection File Retention of Material Broadcast The FCCC generally do not require stations to keep the

  • Syco Music Industry Essay

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    Music industry sector S yco Music is one of the most important and successful music companies in Western Europe – and more specifically in the UK, a subsidiary of Syco Entertainment. It is a record label founded in 2002 by Simon Cowell, a British music and television producer. This company signed with a variety of popular artists, as it owns the right to do so with winners or finalists of the TV show X Factor. The first office of Syco Music was established in London and was highly successful in

  • Effects Of Advertising On Children And Teenagers

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    teenagers and how could it be done. Government has obligation to intervene advertising to children and teenagers. First, the influence of advertising is unavoidable for publics. It is estimated that Australian children are exposed to more than 40,000 commercials per annum. With an unprecedented frequency and intensity, these ads not only creates children’s intention to purchase a singular product, but also potentially influenced their lifestyle, eating habits and purchasing preference. (MacKay, 2009) Secondly