Importance Of Commercial Broadcasting

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In this essay I will be discussing whether public servicing broadcasting (PSB) is still relevant in 2017? I will be giving positives and negative views to come to a reasonable conclusion in which PSB is relevant.

Public broadcasting is radio, television and other electronic media outlets, which are all trying to do the same job, which is entertain the viewers in other words public service. In majority of the world funding comes from the government through annual fees. Public broadcasting comes in two was locally or nationally depending on the country and station you are tuned into. In a few countries of the world public broadcasting is ran by a single organization but on the other hand there are many public broadcasting in other countries which cater to lots of different audiences with having different language shows. Commercial broadcasting Commercial broadcasting (private broadcasting) is the broadcasting of television programs and radio programming by privately owned corporate media, as opposed to state sponsorship. Commercial broadcasting now exists in most of the countries around the world, the influence of this means the number of public broadcasting has declined substantially during the latter part of the 20th century. This means public service broadcasting must do something significantly if they are to survive in the television industry. All commercial broadcasters are funded by TV adverts. Brands buy slots during commercial break looking for. Brands have to pay TV

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