Conway Springs

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  • Police Incident Report Example

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    On 12/09/2017 at 3:18 AM, Sheriff Deputy Colin Crosby and I were dispatched to 908 W Bennett Ct, in Conway Springs, Sumner County, Ks, for a domestic disturbance. Dispatch told us that the distrubance had been physical between a husband and wife, and the two parties were separated by the wife going outside to call 911. While still enroute to the call, dispatch told us that the female was the caller, and she was attempting to keep the male from leaving because he'd been drinking. Before our arrival

  • Community, District And School Factors

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    Community, District and School Factors Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a small city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Within that small city you’ll find Myrtle Beach High School. It is located off Grissom Parkway near 29th Avenue and Broadway At The Beach. The city of Myrtle Beach has a population of 27,109. About 72% identify as White, 13% as Black, 13% as Hispanic, and 1% as Asian. Less than 1% identify as American Indian, 2% are two or more races, and 8% identify as some other race

  • Essay about Social Attitudes and Political Views in An Inspector Calls

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    Priestley's character's usually represent social attitudes and political views (Nightingale). How does Priestley convey his beliefs through the Inspector and Birling family? Priestley conveys his beliefs through the Inspector and the Birling family in various ways. Priestly believed in ?social conscience? that we are all responsible for each other. Priestly never believed in the class system as he thought it was very unjust and divided everyone, especially poorer people, in a poorer way. Priestly

  • Analysis Of Thoreau 's ' Solitude '

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    Thoreau opens "Solitude" with a melodious articulation of his pleasure in and sensitivity for nature. When he comes back to his home in the wake of strolling at night, he finds that guests have ceased by, which prompts him to remark both on his strict separation from others while at the lake and on the non-literal space between men. There is closeness in his association with nature, which gives adequate fraternity and blocks the likelihood of forlornness. The immensity of the universe puts the space

  • Robert Frost

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    and virtual reality goggles have allowed today’s inhabitants to forget about real reality and the countless events that have shaped it. Robert Frost reminds us that time’s cyclical holds both healing and destructive properties in his eloquent poem “Spring Pools.” Robert Frost was born in San Francisco on March 26, 1874. He was a farmer, a father of six children, but important of all he was a poet. He is highly regarded for his realistic portrayals of rural life and his mastery of American colloquial

  • My Best Friend

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    In the winter of 8th grade, I began to disconnect from my friends, mainly my ‘best friend’. I didn’t have as much fondness of her as I would’ve had a few years ago. I didn’t laugh with her as much, and we didn’t hang out as often or even feel the need to. It was as if I didn’t want to be with her. “I've known Rue since 3rd grade, so we’re best friends,” Emma had stubbornly declared to my friends during lunch at school. Emma grabbed my arm, yanking me towards her until our shoulders rubbed against

  • My Personal Experience In College Education

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    Spring 2017 was the worst semesters for me in comparison to my entire college education. I returned back to college after leaving for six years. I started back spring 2016 at Cuny Hostos . I took 5 classes in the spring and Fall and one class over the summer. I maintained a GPA over 3.0. I had 3.54 the spring, I passed my summer class and I maintained a 3.94 for the fall . I transferred from there due to the distance and I attended my first semester at Brooklyn College. So many elements affected

  • My Passion In Sports

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    My passion is playing sports. I have always been athletic as I grew up playing all different types of sports. I did gymnastics, basketball, and I continue to play on multiple soccer teams. However ,I have become a lot more passionate about track and field. Track and field is more of a laid back sport compared to others as it goes on in an order of events. The events I participate in are various sprinting events and the pole vault. Pole vault is my favorite of the two events because there are not

  • Basketball Personal Narrative

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    Basketball my 6th grade year was rough. It was my very first year ever playing sports. Since I went to a small elementary school everyone made the team and I was the only 6th grade student that joined I was so nervous the first practice my hands were shaking way faster than I could run. The rest of the girls were eighth graders that had a ball thrown at them the second the exited the womb; let me just tell you that season sucked. Even though I cried after every game because I wasn’t good enough

  • Critical Analysis Of Edward Scissorhands

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    lighting (low-key lightning) in most of the scenes. Peg Boggs (Dianne Wiest), a local Avon door-to-door saleswoman tries to sell her products around her neighbourhood, until she arrives to the old, abandoned Gothic mansion in the outskirts of Spring Hopes. There, she discovers Edward (Johnny Depp), a bizarre creation resulting from an unfinished experiment by a mad scientist, who died just