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  • Police Corruption in Russia

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    Police corruption is defined as when police, in exercising or failing to exercise their authority act with primary intention of furthering private or departmental / division advantage. Police corruption is a big problem all around the world especially in Russia. The Russian citizens have always been on alert when it comes to the police because of the bad laws, failure of knowing there right as citizens, and sticking up for there themselves. Russia is 133rd country out of 176 in the corruption perception

  • Corruption Of The Russian Government

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    Abstract Over the past decade (from 2004 to 2014), political corruption in Russia government is gradually uncovered by some global medias and organizations. Such tendency not only repainted the entire landscape of Russia government, but also raised public awareness on the significance of preventing a greater deterioration of this political phenomenon worldwide. This report aims to prove such political phenomenon is unethical through the comparison with code of conduct, and to provide tangible measures

  • Vladimir Putin And President Putin

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    President Vladimir Putin, current president of Russia, is currently serving his second term. His first presidential term was from 2000-2008. He previously served as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999-2000 and again from 2008-2012. Throughout the years, he has a earned a controversial reputation, not just among the Russian citizens, but to other world leaders as well. President Putin is often criticized for his handling of human rights and foreign policy issues by other world

  • The Importance Of Corruption In Iraq

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    The lack of anti-corruption agencies and a strong legislature thwarted Russian capitalization, and Iraq must avoid both mistakes in order to create a strong, free-market democracy. Russia’s failure to develop institutions against corruption resulted in a crooked electoral system, which weakened the democracy that was being introduced. By centralizing the power in the executive branch, Russia failed to give adequate power and representation to its regional governments, which obstructed democratization

  • Russia's Solution to Drug Use

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    Russia has arguably the worst drug problem in the world. It struggles with a growing number of drug addicted individuals and a large drug trafficking problem. Due to its lack of border controls, Russia has become an integral part of the international drug trade. With the withdrawal of international militaries from Afghanistan, heroin importing and the number of heroin addicts only stand to grow. Facing these problems, Russia desperately needs a solution to its drug problem in order to avoid the cataclysmic

  • The Impact Of Consumer Lifestyles In Russia

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    The recession of 2008 seen the collapse of a lot of government entities throughout the world, some affected more than others. Russia was impacted but started to see a downfall between about 2014. It was reported , “The slowdown seen in the Russian economy during 2016 led to the deceleration of value growth rates in sportswear during the year as consumer demand was dominated by the search for products at the lowest possible prices. Nevertheless, demand for sportswear was partially supported by the

  • Ukraine And The Russian Empire

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    Ukraine used to be known as “Kievan Rus” before renaming it in the 16th century. During the 9th century, Kiev was the central focus politically and culturally in Eastern Europe. Keivan Rus maximized it’s intake of power in the 10th century due to the Mongol conquest in 1240, but not before adopting Byzantine Christianity. Between the 13th and the 16th century, Kiev was significantly influenced by Poland and Western Europe. In 1596, the negotiation of the Union of Brest-Litovsk dismembered the Ukrainians

  • Burberry Might Be Overlooking Russia

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    If Russia is succesful with their bid it can be expected that the influx of foreign currency can, 1; recognise the brand and 2; affluence to purchase the luxury goods in the Russian domestic market. (New York Times, 2010). * Russia is likely to join the WTO (World Trade Organization) in the current year. Its the largest economy outside the 153 members of the WTO.

  • The Economic Freedom Of Greece And Russia

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    In a business world that is ever changing, looking at Greece and Russia from where they have been and where they are now, is startling. Each country has had many ups and downs over the years through wars, economic downturns and many other strife’s, and currently are in an uphill battle. The struggle is real to stay afloat in an unknown business world. As each countries business climate is different, some characteristics of each are the same. Many business opportunities are available to those who

  • The Pros And Cons Of Corruption

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    In any large, organized system where there is leadership, there will be corruption. It is merely a matter of the extent that corruption exists. In the case of our national government, there seems to be, from a very superficial and quick glance, professionalism and order, with recent years being an exception to this. If one is to look deeper, however, more and more corruption can be seen. For example, in congress, there are millions of dollars being “donated” to congress people by lobbyists, many