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  • Humans and the Fight for Equality

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    the thoughts on the development of the perfect human race and the respect given towards a certain human remain written in a book. Francis Fukuyama records his opinions in his book, Our Posthuman Future, in a chapter called “Human Dignity”. This chapter explains the authors’ ideas on the origin and the importance of an attributed characteristic called “Factor x”. It described as a factor to human dignity. Fukuyama goes in depth about respecting humans up to their abilities and the religious, scientific

  • The Importance Of Human Value And Equality

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    The Importance of Human Value and Equality Edgar Rice Burroughs’ fictional story “Tarzan of The Apes” appears merely an action story that explores gender roles, people in the upper-middle class, and the human instincts versus sophistication debate, but the focal point of Burroughs’ story features a bizarre story that reveals inherent problems with the concept of Darwinism and perceived human inequality. Darwinism is the theory that some humans are less evolved than other humans are. By offering an

  • The Moral Equality Of Animals Vs Humans

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    The Moral Equality of Animals vs Humans The discretion between animal versus human equality has been a controversial subject for many years. Philosophers and activists have pushed this matter into debate among the general society in our culture. What exactly is moral equality for animals? Some say it is equal rights to animals, and others say it is equal consideration of the animal. To understand the scope of equality based on rights, one must unfold the determination of a right in itself. Carl Cohen

  • Equality And Polyamory : Why Early Humans

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    will be Equality and polyamory: why early humans weren’t The Flintstones. This particular article from The Guardian, describes a study that was released from the University College London. The study delved into the topic of male and female equality in prehistoric times, and questioned the belief that humans have always existed in nuclear families. Because of this, the study also challenges our understanding of human history. Mark Dyble, the study’s lead author, stated that “sexual equality” is one

  • The Violation Of Human Rights Equality

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    people do not get the same respect as others just because of the way they look. This is an example of a human rights violation. An human right violation is when a right is being abused in such a way that it effects how some people live their life. It is hard to even think about that this is going on in American today. It is a big problem in today's society, and many are speaking out about it. This human rights violation is the result of racial inequality in America, and many are trying to stop it by protesting

  • A Conversation About Justice Is A State Of Human Equality

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    justice can strike up many questions. Including, can there be justice for all? Is social justice fair or just what is appropriate for a particular situation? Does the majority have more say than the minority? Is the law always just? Can there be equality for the minority without taking privilege from the majority? Some would say democracy is just but there are many problems with the society determining what is just. One is, if the majority is allowed to create the terms of justice the ethics of minorities

  • United Equality: The Failures of the United Nation's Humans Rights Laws

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    policy of human rights, created in 1948. The United Nations’ set of human rights values should be in place in every nation in the world. Unfortunately, women in Islamic countries such as Iran and Indonesia are violations of

  • Menstrual Hygiene A Public Health, Gender Equality, And Human Rights Issues

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    The United Nations declared menstrual hygiene a public health, gender equality, and human rights issue, but on what ground? Often times, policies are routed on or based off theoretical perspectives from philosophers, ethicists, economists, etc. Unfortunately, not all countries agreed with the UN on this declaration of women’s right, despite women make up half of the global population. The understanding of women’s bodies is relatively new, and literature on women’s rights is also relatively new. Women

  • How Effective Does The Human Rights Act 1998 Promote Substantive Equality?

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    1.2.1 How Effective Does The Human Rights Act 1998 Promote Substantive Equality This section provides a summary of the main findings of major reviews that have been conducted of the effectiveness of the Human Rights Act by the government, the Joint Committee on Human Rights and the Commission. The reviews indicated that the HRA had largely had a positive impact on public service delivery and the enjoyment of human rights. However there are a number of barriers to the HRA 's effectiveness: significant

  • Similarities Between Equality And Inequality

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    The social issue of equality and inequality, has dated back to the beginning of time. Although there is no way to find out, would one really think that cavemen would not fight about who got the most food? Even children would argue if someone else has more crayons, or more toys. Everyone has demanded equality at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately inequality occurs more often than equality, and this will never change. Race, sex, and religion are the three main points that occur most often