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  • The Counter-Insurgency Strategy Essay

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    “The hearts and mind (HAM) theory is identified as winning the hearts and minds of the population which is a technique based on the implementation of the counter-insurgency (COIN) strategy of persuading the population to support the government and reject the insurgents.” The counter-insurgency (COIN) strategy as outlined by President Obama and General Petraeus’s most closely embrace is the heart and minds (HAM) theory. President Obama speech identified the United States strategic approach with Afghanistan

  • Global Counter Insurgency And The War On Terror

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    Is ‘global counter-insurgency’ a viable strategy in the ‘war on terror’? After the 9/11 attacks in the United States, the War on Terror was the strategy that the Bush government developed with the aim to defeat the organization that had accomplished this attack, Al Qaeda. The immediate response of the Bush Administration after the attack was the invasion of Afghanistan, with the goal of eliminating and expel the targets that had made the country their sanctuary. This group was presented as the

  • Counter Insurgency

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    Counter insurgency is a perpetual mission throughout the world, especially since terrorists are endlessly seeking new targets that will accumulate mass casualties. It has been every country’s undertaking to attempt to anticipate threats and carry out precautions to maintain peace. Even in a time where terror can strike at any moment and in any location in the entire world. Unfortunately for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), they’re located dangerously close to one of the most war ridden places on

  • Societies, Resistance, And Counter Insurgency

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    NFORMATION PAPER SUBJECT: States, Societies, Resistance, and COIN Purpose. To provide a summary of the Military Review article: States, Societies, Resistance, and Counter Insurgency (COIN). 2. Facts. a. The article, written by Samuel Abrams, tells us how COIN should be applied in failed states. Dealing directly with non state leaders would assist COIN efforts by reducing violence and instability, proper resources and social relations management, and legitimacy of government within the state

  • 9/11 Report: Elements Of National Power

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    homeland defense."Quantitative numbers will not defeat the terrorists and insurgents; however the objectives of defeating the enemy need to be specific enough so that the public can determine whether the goals are being met. In order to defeat an insurgency one must promote a stronger ideology, value system, and security environment, than the opposition. The 9/11 Commission emphasizes the use of public diplomacy. Defeating insurgents and terrorists is not based on traditional war tactics; it encompasses

  • Culture Of The Philippines

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    military conflict history, weather analysis, and civil considerations will be discussed. I will also cover how the terrain and infrastructure, communication, and past military conflicts impacted their society. Population, agriculture, smuggling, and insurgency effected by the weather. How areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people and events affect the civilian populace. Lastly about the society, social structure, culture, language, power and authority, and interests of the Philippines.

  • The Tactics Of Combat Civil Wars And Instill Peace

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    The three main tactics used to combat civil wars and instill peace in an area are peacekeeping, peace enforcement, and counterinsurgency. The first tactic I will address is peacekeeping. Once the two parties of a conflict have agreed to a truce, peacekeepers will come in to guarantee the implementation of the truce and try to maintain peace. The duty of peacekeepers is “not only [to] monitoring troops, but also with human rights monitoring, protecting and delivering humanitarian aid, demobilizing

  • Insurgency

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    Insurgency Jump to: navigation, search "Insurgent" and "insurgence" redirect here. For other uses, see Insurgent (disambiguation). An insurgency is an armed rebellion against a constituted authority (for example, an authority recognized as such by the United Nations) when those taking part in the rebellion are not recognized as belligerents.[1] An insurgency can be fought via counter-insurgency warfare, and may also be opposed by measures to protect the population, and by political and economic

  • Why The Coin Doctrine Will Affect The Way Organisations Uphold The Principles Of Ihl Essay

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    Counter insurgency (COIN) operations are employed to combat an insurgency. These types of operations present a highly complex operating environment within which conventional warfare is becoming more and more ineffective. COIN operations form are large proportion of modern conflicts and it is forcing organisations to develop new strategies and tactics in order for them to remain within the legal bounds of international humanitarian law (IHL). This essay will explore how committing to a COIN doctrine

  • The United States ' War On Terror

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    It was here that Galula implemented for the first time their knowledge of COIN. Galula theory is based on the support of the population. This is divided between an active minority supporting the insurgency, an active minority who would be willing to support the force or forces that promote measures COIN, and finally, a large majority of the population passive . The aim of COIN operations would therefore gain the support of the active minority that