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  • The Court Of Appeals Of Maryland

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    I: Case The Court of Appeals of Maryland Number 69 September Term, 2012. Glenn Joseph Raynor v. State of Maryland. Case number 12-K-08-001527. Argued: April 8, 2014. Decided: August 27, 2014 II. Case Summary This appeal evolved out of a 2006 rape case that occurred in Harford county Maryland. More than two years after the incident the victim identified Glenn Joseph Raynor, hereby known as petitioner, as a possible suspect. After departing a voluntary police interview in which petitioner ultimately

  • The Maryland Drug Court Has Failed

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    The Maryland drug court has failed yet another person and he is now headed to prison. This person is the love of my life and my three month old son 's father. It all started last Christmas. The day after Christmas his missed a urine test and was sent to jail for three weeks after informing his parole officer he was out of town. They told him “You are better off failing a urine test than to miss a test.” even though he submitted a test the very next day. He was the sole provider at the time because

  • The Discovery Dispute And Its Effect On The Status As A Non Party

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    underlying litigation, all indicate that this Court should deny 50NL’s motion to compel. Unfortunately, while Md. Rule

  • Anacostia Riverkeeper

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    Maryland Department of the Environment v. Anacostia Riverkeeper Kelsey McRoberts Slippery Rock University INTRODUCTION In 2013, Anacostia Riverkeeper, an organization devoted to restoring the Anacostia River, challenged a permit issued in 2010 by the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). The MDE issued a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit to Montgomery County, Maryland (Edwards, 2015). MS4 systems fall under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National

  • The Necessary And Proper Clause Gave Congress

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    Chief Justice wrote his opinion to the court stated that the constitution gave congress all the power to make all the laws. In Marbury v. Madison in 1803, Marshall overturned an act of congress for the first time that conflicted with the constitution. It was a daring step for a politically vulnerable court and Marshall crafted the opinion in such a way that Thomas Jefferson could not reject it. John Marshall had strong views that made him dominate the court from 1801 to 1835 and personally responsible

  • The Era Of America After The Antebellum Period

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    before the civil war. During such vital time in American history came a number of fundamental Supreme Court cases. The outcome of various cases significantly shaped the future of America into the country we know today. Perhaps some of the most important cases include Marbury v. Madison, Gibbons v. Ogden, and Dred Scott v. Sandford. McCulloch v. Maryland is possibly the most prominent Supreme Court case throughout the antebellum period that occurred in 1819, even though different interpretations of

  • Mcculloch Vs Maryland

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    McCulloch VS Maryland (1819) In 1816, the state of Maryland enacted a tax that would force the United States Bank in Maryland to pay taxes to the state. James W. McCulloch, a cashier for the Baltimore, Maryland Bank, was sued for not complying with the Maryland state tax. McCulloch was sued for violating this Act. McCulloch admitted he was not complying with the Maryland law. McCulloch lost in the Baltimore County Court and that court’s decision was affirmed by the Maryland Court of Appeals. The

  • For My Research Paper, I Desired To Learn More About Juvenile

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    sentences or court dispositions are common for juveniles found guilty of crimes. I know that court dispositions frequently result in probation and that Frederick County does not have a Juvenile Detention center, therefore I was most interested in how probation was implemented in Frederick County and other counties in Maryland and what other probation programs Maryland currently implements or implemented in the past. I was also interested in the profession of a juvenile probation officer in Maryland such

  • Thomas Jefferson And Alexander Hamilton Summary

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    welfare of the nation. The Federal Banking bill was then introduced to Congress, accepted by the President and Congress and the first Federal Bank was established. In 1818, the bank came under fire from the state of Maryland. John James, the treasurer for the western shore of Maryland

  • Essay on The Case of Marbury v. Madison

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    Marbury v. Madison centers on a case brought before the Supreme Court by William Marbury. Shortly after Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams in the election of 1800, Congress increased the number of circuit courts. Adams sought to fill these new vacancies with people who had Federalist backgrounds. To accomplish this, he used the powers granted under the Organic Act to issue appointments to 42 justices of the peace and 16 circuit court justices for the District of Columbia. Adams signed the appointments