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  • Desperate Housewives Marketing

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    it on television. For instance, Univision and UniMás has officially announced that they will show Narcos and Club the Cuervos on August 22. By showing two of the most global successful shows on Netflix, Univision is at a greater advantage than Telemundo. Randy Falco, president of Univision has disclosed that by collaborating with Netflix this will help them gain more

  • Interview With Broadcast Journalism Professionals

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    Brenda didn’t major in communication, but have learned the business as they go, Jorge is a business major while Brenda majored in sociology. It’s an intriguing story on how they both ended up in this job position, Jorge was wanted by a long time by Telemundo TV producers and kept denying them until one day decided to try it out. Brenda met the main producer for Univision in Las Vegas and got asked to work for her instantly because of the way she developed herself. She says that one of her major tips

  • Telemundo: A Social Media Analysis

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    A specific example of news that has done a decent job on providing a comprehensive overview of DACA is Telemundo, a Spanish news television broadcast. Wong (2015) wrote that “in October 2012, Telemundo…sponsored an educational forum on DACA that included a general discussion of the program and smaller breakout conversations with immigration attorneys who answered questions about the application process” (p.30). These certain media has helped facilitate the application process of DACA. Furthermore

  • Universal Studio's Distribution of Despicable Me 2 Essay examples

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    NBCUniversal provide products and services in a concentrated market due to the addition of the addition of Telemundo and their production services (NBCUniversal, 2014). The Latino community has a wide variety of Spanish speaking cable channels as well as the most prolific Spanish production company, Telemundo (NBCUniversal). Supported by the technical offerings of Comcast and NBCUniversal, Telemundo offers programming of feature films, game shows, soap operas, and situation comedies exactly like all

  • Racial Segregation And The United States Essay

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    America was made up of power value, creating a barrier that indicates other races to be more superior then the other. People are divided into different races based on their genetic background. Social collaboration is what comes of such a divided racial community. Society has been tainted and brainwashed to believe people are defined by the color of their skin, which cause separation and borders to be created. Ethnicity and race are both socially constructed. Ethnicity has entities of race, however

  • Disadvantages Of Narrowcasting

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    Narrowcasting, a method commonly used by many cable and radio news networks to target the interest of specific groups of people. The practice has largely increased as new providers compete to increase ratings and additional TV channels. For instance, MSNBC and Fox News are well known for implementing narrowcasting practices. Through narrowcasting, the two stations divide viewers by political ideology. Fox News is angled towards a conservative perspective whereas MSNBC has a more liberal stance. Newspapers

  • Nely Galan Entrepreneur

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    Another very successful minority entrepreneur is Nely Galan. Since 1994, Nely Galan has owned and operated her own media company, Galan Entertainment. She has launched ten groundbreaking television channels in Latin America, and has produced six hundred episodes of programming spanning of all genres—from reality to sitcoms, telenovelas to talk shows, in both English and Spanish. Galan was born in Cuba; her family immigrated to the United States in the 1960s when she was five. Galan’s family moved

  • Arlington Animal Shelter Essay

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    adoptions provided empty kennels and happy smiles during the annual Clear the Shelters event Saturday at the Arlington Animal Services Center. From Las Angeles to Philadelphia to Arlington, Texas, with support from NBC Owned Television Stations and Telemundo, more than 700 shelters from across the country, including about 70 in the Metroplex, participated in the national Clear the Shelters initiative and waived their fees to help match animals with caring families. The Arlington Animal Services Center

  • Spanish Language News Summary

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    locations and speaking about issues most pertinent to a Latino audience.” Studies show that this particular demographic is less likely to follow an election or be impacted by topics that don’t directly apply to them. Television outlets such as Telemundo and Univision devote

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Bilingual Meteorologist

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    Mitigation of weather related impacts are possible if the public/clients are kept informed with the most precise forecast so that the right decisions are made. I am a diversified bilingual meteorologist always looking to improve the way people receive important weather information. As a Deputy State Meteorologist at the Florida Division of Emergency Management Operations Center, I was able to have a first-hand experience, as a meteorology liaison, relying meteorological data and analysis and provide