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  • Financial Aid in Education Essay

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    The federal government does not use this application for aid. The CSS Profile is a service provided by The College Board. It includes many more factors such as the age of the parents, house payments, and car payments. Mostly expensive private universities use the CSS Profile because their students have much more financial need. The current system does a fairly decent job of predicting the amount of aid needed assuming

  • Bernie Sanders Argumentative Essay: Free Tuition Free College

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    College For All     Bernie Sanders has proposed a golden opportunity that could open the door and evolve the potential students have and overall just give many the opportunity to continue to strive for success. Congress and the education board are seeing Bernie Sanders proposal as an ongoing conflict as to how he plans on paying for the tuition in another alternative. Congress and the education board believe that with this opportunity given at no price, students could take advantage and affect this

  • Should Community College Be Free?

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    Should Community college be free? I think that community college should not be free. The reason why is because with community college being free the student may be more interested in going to community college for 2 years and go straight to your favorite workforce after receiving your certificate or diploma from the school. While it does work like that the student may be blinded by the fact that by only having two years of experience in your workforce it may not get you very far in life. The other

  • Social Media Profiles As An Invasion Of Privacy

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    most highly debated issues in the business world is the use of social media profiles as a determining factor in the hiring process. Some people feel that using someone’s social media profile is an invasion of privacy because it uses something from their personal life to determine their professional success. As long as the company follows some basic guidelines I believe there is nothing wrong with them looking into the profiles of their potential employees. It is important to point out that while looking

  • Offender Profiling : A Technique For Identifying The Personality And Behavioral Features Of An Offender Essay

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    other offenders (criminals). Deductive profiling deals with the criminal’s evidence relating to him/her. The aim of the research was to examine the utility of offender profiles. To evaluate if the offender profiles with an ambiguous profile will demystify the statements to make them well suited to a potential suspect. Offender profiles have been useful to prioritize suspects in ongoing investigations; however there have been criticisms on profiling. Based on Alison et al., stated that after the study

  • Hl Hunley Submarine Essay

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    Hunley after it was lost in the battle. The Hunley was found in August 2000 four miles off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. Another known submarine, during this time, was called the CSS Virginia used from 1861 to 1862. The South rebuilt the wrecked Union ship USS Merrimack into the ironclad battleship the CSS Virginia. It was about 263 feet long. It had 10 heavy guns on it. It was the first ironclad ship made by the Confederacy. The North had a submarine too although it was not used in war

  • Blockade Of Virginia Essay

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    On the morning of march 8 1862 the confederate ironclad CSS. Virginia steamed out of its port at Norfolk Virginia and towards the union blockade. The goal of the Virginia’s commander Franklin Buchanan was to break the blockade of Norfolk Harbor which held one of the largest naval bases in the Americas. At about 2 pm she spotted the USS Cumberland. Buchanan ordered the ship to ram the Cumberland with its 1500 pound ram which lodged itself in the cumberlands bow completely shredding it’s hull. The

  • The Confederate Flag of the CSS Virginia

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    The Confederate Flag of the CSS Virginia: The Stars and Bars were the first official flag of the Confederacy. Although a striking likeness is shared between this flag and to the Union’s “Stars and Stripes,” the symbols are representations of two nations at war; two very different places and mindsets. The Confederate Stars and Bars were flown from March, 1861, to May, 1863 and throughout that time this flag would gain stars at the same rate that the confederacy gained states into their union,

  • Reasons For The Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes Left An Everlasting Endowment As Captain Of The Css Alabama

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    Damian Drew U.S. History 5th period 10/28/15 Raphael Semmes Confederate rear admiral Raphael Semmes left an everlasting endowment as captain of the CSS Alabama. Raphael Semmes faced many challenges as a boy and a man. Through all of his challenges he remained calm and collective and pushed through. Although his life was threatened many times during his time serving in the military from either being shot at or being drowned to death after sinking a ship, he always fought no matter what the circumstances

  • Navy Vessels: The USS Monitor Essay

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    States government has long felt the need to maintain a strong Navy. In doing so they had to keep up with advancements in technology. During the civil war in the Brooklyn harbor the United States Navy built a vessel that would duel the South’s vessel the CSS Virginia. The battle would be the first of the kind in that for the first time two Ironclad vessels would battle. The purpose of the Ironclad warship was not new to the United Sates government. There had been previous attempts at making such a vessel