Cupressus macrocarpa

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    Introduction Seiridium cardinale (Wagener) Sutton et Gibson has been wrecking havoc on populations of cypress (particularly Cupressus macrocarpa and C. sempervirens) since its discovery in California in 1927 and its spread to Europe shortly thereafter (Raddi and Panconesi 1981; Wagener 1928). In the 1920’s, disease symptoms in C. macrocarpa were originally attributed to insects (Wagener 1928). Wagener officially identified the causal agent as Coryneum cardinale in 1939, though Sutton and Gibson

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    Bucculatrix Ainsliella

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    Introduction Bucculatrix ainsliella Murtfeldt is a skeletonizing species of Lepidoptera that can cause excessive damage to both forest and urban environments. Causal Agent The Oak Leaf Skeletonizer, Bucculatrix ainsliella is in the order Lepidoptera, which categorizes it as a defoliator in its larval stages (Gelok et al. 1998; Klass 1985; Van Nieukerken et al. 2012). It is a native species to Eastern United States and was once limited to Southern Canada and the Eastern coast of the United States

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