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  • Annotated Bibliography On Linear Data Structure

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    about linear data structure i.e. linked list. Linked list is dynamic in nature means there is no need to know size of data in advance. It is linear collection of data elements which may or may not be stored at consecutive memory location. In linked list pointers are used for providing the linear order and each node is divided into parts for storing data and link part. This paper provides only overview that how linked list was created and what are its advantages over another data structure. It also defines

  • The Network Structure And Data Communications

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    company and study their network structure and data communications. We chose JMR , as one of the team member’s father works for JMR Libyan Project and could provide with enough information required to make this project. ABC Bank is a well reputed bank in Libya. They approached JMR for an upgrade in their banking software and also a whole network upgrade. They also wanted an overseas datacenter to keep all the financial records and data. Due to nature of the data they handle, they wanted very reliable

  • Synopsis Of Nosql V. Data Model II

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    Edunuri 800817767 Table of Contents Introduction III Abstract IV Overview of NoSQL V Data Model VI Document base model VI Key-value Stores VII Graph Stores VII Wide Column stores VIII Criteria to be considered IX Conclusion XI References XI INTRODUCTION I was always inspired by the idea of storing large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Therefore I chose to finish my concentration in Data Management. I have finished the following courses as my concentration requirement: • ITCS

  • An Inverse Of A Relational Model

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    with range queries and bitmaps. 2.4 Column Store Model In this model, data is stored in sections of columns instead of rows. This is almost an inverse of a relational model. The names of the column need not be predefined, i.e. the structure isn 't fixed, which helps in great scalability and performance. Columns in a row are stored in order according to their keys. A super-column also might be used which is nothing but a column containing nested sub-columns. 2.4.1 Cassandra: Apache Cassandra

  • My Curriculum Practical Training : The Whole Concepts Of Hadoop Technology Essay

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    properly understand HADOOP technology. Basics Required to Understand Hadoop Technology: • Java Collection frame work (Because while writing map reduce jobs in HADOOP, we mainly use the collection framework in JAVA) • What is BIG DATA? (Definition and basic terminology of BIG DATA, how to handle large sets of

  • Capital Structure And Solvency Data Essay

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    Capital Structure and Solvency: Antonino Criscuolo We next took a look and analyzed Nike’s capital structure and solvency. The capital structure and solvency data is used to show how a firm finances its overall operations and growth by using different sources of investments. Examples of different forms of debt are bond issues or long-term notes payable, while equity is classified as common stock, preferred stock or retained earnings. As analysts we use the capital structure and solvency data to see

  • Data Structure Of Using Hash Table

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    function is one that is used to map data of random size to data of fixed size. Values that are returned from a hash function are called as hash values, hash codes, or hash sums. It mainly uses hash table as a data structure to look up data rapidly. There will be no two words with same hash value, otherwise collision occurs between the two words. In software programming, a hash table or hash map is a data structure that is used to execute an array i.e. it is a structure that can map keys to values. A

  • Research Assignment: Data Structures and “Space Quest”

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    Research Assignment: Data Structures and “Space Quest” “Space Quest” is a game about a lone traveller, flying through the cosmos. The journey is not a quite one, however, as there are alien Bounty Hunters trying to take down the traveller. The player takes the role of the traveller, and their aim is to avoid an AI controlled alien ship, destined to crash into the player. Unfortunately for the player, it isn’t exactly over once the first ship has been outmanoeuvred: there are still other alien spaceships

  • It 265 Data Structures Phase 5 Essay

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    IT 265 Data Structures for Problem Solving Data Structures and Methods 9/20/2014 Phase 5 Contents Executive Summary 4 Phase 1 4 Phase 2 4 Phase 3 4 Phase 4 4 Phase 5 5 Section 1: Lists, Stacks, and Queues 6 Stacks 6 Queues 10 Section 2: Hashing, Heaps and Trees 14 Section 3: Sorting Algorithms 20 Insertion sort 20 Bubble Sort 20 Selection sort 21 Section 4: Searching 22 Array 22 Linked Lists 23 Section 5: Recursion 30 References 33 Executive Summary

  • Descriptive Essay On Myrtle Beach

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    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina attracts about 14 million visitors per year because of its warm weather, beaches, and activities. During the summer of 2015, my brother, Ryan and I traveled to Fayetteville, North Carolina to visit my cousin, Julian, aunt, Heather, and uncle, Rich. As they have a condo in Myrtle Beach, Heather wanted to take us there. Julian was going to go along too, but Rich had to work at his dental office so he couldn’t make it. After spending about three days in Fayetteville, it