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  • Halfborn Gunderson: A Narrative Fiction

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    Magnus walked through the halls of floor 19 and he passed a door, Halfborn Gunderson was inscribed, surrounded by a ring of viking runes. He could hear sounds of shouting and loud clanging sounds. The next door read Mallory Keen, behind the door was silence. The next door read Thomas Jefferson Jr. and the sounds of gunfire echoed from behind the door, Magnus could not be sure if it was fake gunfire or actual. The next door was marked with just an X, and in front of the door a pig's head was lying

  • Descriptive Essay About Football

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    pieces of me sparkle. When I’m pulled from the bag the fresh air hits me and makes me shiver with excitement. Friday has come and it is time to shine below the big ginormous lights. These nights spent in the palms of the blonde headed girl; being shook while she cheers is exactly how I am supposed to spend my life. When the National Anthem comes on, she presses me to her chest and as the music plays, nothing but the sound of her heart beat plays in my head. The game starts with Monroe winning the

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    It had been little over a week since they arrived at what remained of the ark. Though Raven couldn’t really be sure how long they had been in the sky, she was keeping track of the days, not the way she should have been. She was preoccupied working on what need to be fixed. There was no way in hell she was going to let this fail, not after everything they had been through, not after Clarke sacrificed herself to make sure they got here. Taking in a deep breath she glanced out the window catching site

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    Stepping out onto her small porch Laurel placed her hands her hands at her hips, head turning from side to side, to gaze at the city. Everything looked so peaceful, it was hard to believe that sooner or later everything would change, war was on the horizon whether they like it or not. She muttered out a sigh as she reached her hand up to rub at her forehead. She blinked a few times when she caught sight of Cain. “Here goes nothing.” She mumbled to herself as she walked down the small steps. She met

  • The Day That Shook the World

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    What comes to mind when you hear the word “bomb”? Is it the Boston Marathon tragedy? Is it the Pearl Harbor Bombing? How about the World Trade Center attack? All of these are major bombings that have happened in the U.S. Sadly, they aren’t the only ones. There have been numerous bombings that our world has survived, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t suffered from their outcomes. The devastation of war on our world is monumental. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima is an important event in history that

  • The World Shook With Terror

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    The world shook with terror September 5, 1972, when a group of eight Palestinian terrorists killed two Israeli Olympic team members and took nine hostage, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Prior to the hostage crisis, the games had run smoothly and were into their second week of competition. The games were used to present a new identity of democracy and optimism for Germany. This was the first-time Germany had been allowed to host the games since the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which

  • All Shook Up

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    leComposition | Unit 02 | Lesson 01 All Shook Up "Not again!" I protested when I heard Mom's news. "Where are we going this time?" We've moved six times in the twelve years since I was born. That's because my Dad's job is to set up offices for his company, and each time he finishes establishing a new one, we move. "California," said Mom. "I'm sorry we have to uproot you again." She opened a map and pointed out the town we'd be moving to, north of San Francisco. She truly sounded sorry, but I

  • School Shootings, It Shook The Nation

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    Flooding every major media outlet making headlines across the country are school shootings, it shook the nation when twenty, first graders and six adults were killed by Adam Lanza, a twenty year old man who shot his mother in the head before taking her car and driving to Sandy Hook Elementary. Other school shooting have occurred since then and it brought up the issue of gun control, some politicians even supported the idea of giving teachers guns to have in the classroom. I am against allowing teachers

  • Ten Days That Shook The World

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    Reed, John. Ten Days That Shook The World (No location or publisher provided) prior to 1920. In an era littered with propaganda, censorship, and authors overwhelmed by influences on objectivity, Reed provides a western reporter’s personal eyewitness accounts of Russian events. As a non-combatant, non-Russian, and devote socialist, his publications stands alone in this category of historiography. His death in 1920 blocked any opportunity for historians to question his methods or further elucidate

  • Barbara Shook Hazen's Tight Times

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    People don’t always get what they sometimes want in life you have to settle for second best. This statement could be a theme for the child in “Tight Times.” By Barbara Shook Hazen is faced with in the story. The story starts with a child whose name nor age is ever listed during the whole book wanting a pet dog and keeps asking why he can’t have a dog and then his dad explains they are going through tight times and couldn't afford a dog. After a while the parents have to talk, so they sent the kid