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  • The First Personal Digital Assistant

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    The first Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) was introduced to the American market by Apple in 1993. It was called the Apple Newton MessagePad. John Sculley, Apple’s then CEO coined the term “Personal Digital Assistant” specifically for this device. It was created to be just that – an “assistant” to the user. The Newton boasted handwriting recognition, plug-in memory cards, IR communications, and with the purchase of an additional modem Newton could also fax and send email (Zeldes 2005). It could

  • The Digital Assistant, Or Pda

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    The personal digital assistant, or PDA, was a small hand-held electronic device that was intended for use as a simple organizer, including features like a calendar and tasks list. Today, the PDA has fallen into disuse, replaced by its more popular and powerful successor: the smart phone. Voice recognition technology is giving rebirth to the spirit of the PDA in the form of new intelligent digital systems designed to help you manage your affairs. These reborn personal assistants are gaining popularity

  • The Use Of Personal Digital Assistants, Or Pdas, By Individuals Traumatic Brain Injury

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    There has been increase in the use of personal digital assistants, or PDAs, by individuals Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. These devices are being used to help TBI patients with everyday activities such as keeping up with appointments, medication management, daily tasks, etc. Due to behavioral memory deficits that are common among TBI patients, these daily activities are difficult for these individuals. In the past “low-tech” items were used such as daily planners and strategically placed notes

  • Essay On Digital Assistant

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    through technology empowers the students to take charge of their education, and ensure their goals are being met according to their schedule. Though digital assistants aren’t capable of filling the full role of a human academic advisor, giving students access to key, basic information will make all advising more effective. Using digital assistants

  • Mobile Phone

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    create convenience to the people. To date, many people are using their mobile phone as their personal digital assistant, one example is Smartphone. Smartphone is a combination of mobile phones and personal digital assistant. As a mobile phone, it can be used to make phone calls, update contact list, personal calendar and task list. With technology enhancements, its role as a personal digital assistant will help to create access of electronic email, web pages and Microsoft applications. Thus, it infiltrating

  • Case Study: The Innov8

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    system with third parties, which is focusing on automating their delivery system and integrating with CRM/dispatching system, which supports logistics department, which stands for meeting requirements of customers. Mashaweer PDA client (Personal Digital Assistants) - which is charge of order items progress tracking , collection of order fees, against a printed invoice,packaging handling, messaging, cash and expenses tracking. Also it includes GPS navigation

  • Mobile Computing Is A Human Computer Interaction

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    individual Internet sites from their smartphones. With recent advances in mobile computing, users can perform mobile computing on their smartphones while completing phone calls. This technology involves parallel processing of different threads for digital voice and data operations. Now a days smartphones are just like computers, with their own operating systems and sophisticated logical infrastructure that facilitates more advanced mobile computing which have applications for multimode functioning

  • Iphone : A Hybrid Between A Smartphone And A Tablet Essay

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    Strategy Since Samsung’s Note 4 is considered to be a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet, its main identifiable market is middle to upper-middle class Android smartphone users who desire a premium product. These users have recently been switching to the iOS-based iPhone, which is known for its higher price point. As of 2015, Android users still comprised approximately 78% of the overall market share for smartphones. Given the absence of more substantive data regarding the demographics and

  • Using Technology to Cheat

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    Fast-forward past the Y2K hysteria and you 'll find that the modern student is now using small electronic devices to cheat while taking tests in the classroom. (Leake, 1995)These devices range from handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), portable music players such as the Apple iPod, cell phones equipped with blue-tooth hands-free transmitters and camera as well as miniature storage devices capable of transmitting large amounts of data quickly without notice. The student

  • Sonic is about to enter a mature and highly competitive PDA market. Founded eighteen months ago,

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    market. Founded eighteen months ago, the company was birthed by two entrepreneurs highly skilled and knowledgeable in telecommunications. They are preparing to present their first product, Sonic 1000 PDA. The Sonic 1000 offers wireless networking, digital technology, dual phone use, 20 gigabytes of memory, four megapixel camera, and voice recognition hands free operation (Kotler & Keller, 2009, p. A5). A marketing consultant group has been secured by Sonic to analyze its current marketing plan. In