Emission spectrum

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  • A Report On Phosphorous Monoxide Radical

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    P2O5 at -50 °C to UV radiation and only observed emission in the visible region of the spectrum. They finally concluded that the visible emission from oxidising phosphorus was because of the excitation of the pentoxide by UV radiation emitted as a result of the oxidation. Petrikaln falsified the theory put forwarded by Emelèus and Purcell and demonstrated that P2O5 did not absorb in the UV region in its highly purified form. The visible emission observed by Emelèus and Purcell was because of sample

  • Electric Cars : What Is The Future Of The Electric Car?

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    For the past 200 years, the electric car has steadily gained popularity as an alternative to gas-powered cars. Electric cars are vehicles that use electricity to be powered and create zero tailpipe emissions. Electric cars have recently become a controversial topic ever since the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 was enacted. In the US, the first successful electric car was built in 1891 by William Morrison. This created a spark of interest in electric cars all over the US that encouraged

  • Psychological Components Of Distribution Is Knowledge And Education

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    allowance they are getting and if they need more they can know how to get it. The distribution element is effective this element uses community based social marketing as it recognizes the barriers in this case time to make changes to reduce their emission, those giving plenty of free permits (Koger & Winter, 2010, p. 145). Furthermore, it selects a particular

  • The Importance Of Sea Temperature Anomalies

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    period and the heat capacity of the ocean integrates the SSTA variability on a longer time period. Frankignoul and Hasselmann (1977) have further suggested that the atmospheric forcing for SST anomalies follows a spectrum of white noise with constant

  • The Carbon Tax Policy Of British Columbia

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    climate change and in order to control the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, British Columbia implemented the carbon tax on July 1, 2008 (Murray and Rivers, page 3). This tax was the first to be imposed in North America and was revenue-neutral (Murray and Rivers, page 3). Due to its myriad of benefits, the carbon tax was favored by many and did has not disappointed; not only have greenhouse gas emissions dropped, but business have grown tremendously, and other energy sectors

  • Environmental Waste And Its Effects On Carbon Emissions

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    not be punishing companies for producing too much pollution, but rewarding companies for producing much less. In this way, the market for carbon emissions will eventually disappear and naturally profit-seeking companies will aim to pursue activities, hunt for new strategies, and invest in infrastructure and equipment that result in lower carbon emissions. Beyond the simple reward proposition, however, greener policies often result in higher long term profitability for companies nonetheless. Environmental

  • The Policy Analysis, The Design And Implementation Of Policies Essay

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    The policy analysis, The Design and Implementation of Policies to Protect Low-Income Households under a Carbon Tax, discusses the possible implementation and ramifications of a climate rebate as a part of carbon tax legislation. More specifically, how this rebate would safeguard low- and moderate-income families or individuals from a reduction in disposable income they would incur from larger energy charges due to a carbon tax. It is recommended that a three-pronged delivery mechanism be applied

  • Spectroscopy Lab Report

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    cName: Nicholas Cassel Gen Chem 1210 23 March 2013 Blinded By the Light Abstract: In this experiment we were provided a cereal box spectrometer to observe the emission lines of noble gases and hydrogen. Based on the scale readings on the spectrometer and the Balmer-Rydberg formula, their wavelengths and percent error were able to be extrapolated. Based on the literature values, the cereal box spectrometer proved its value as a decently accurate spectrometer. Introduction: Every element

  • Essay on Spectroscopy

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    of light from the sun through a glass prism and observed the colours of the visible spectrum, another great breakthrough concerning spectroscopy was the suggestion of transition between energy levels within atoms as the source of spectral lines was great contribution made by Niels Bohr in 1913. At the end of the nineteenth century, spectroscopy was limited to the absorption, emission, and the scattering of visible, ultraviolet, and infrared electromagnetic radiation. However

  • The Importance Of The Conversion Of Lower Energy Light

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    conversion of lower-energy light, particularly in the near-infrared region, into higher-energy light within the visible spectrum. This occurs through a process in which the sequential absorption of multi-photon near-infrared light yields the emission of light that is of shorter wavelength[1]. This process is represented in Figure 1, which shows the emissions of light within the visible spectrum after excitation of various dopant ions by near-infrared light[1]. The upconversion effect has been observed primarily