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  • The Novel ' The Tale Of Heike '

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    “The Tale of Heike” centers around the war between two clans, the Taira or Heike in the story and the Minamoto or known as Genji in the story in the 1100s. The work is often equated to other historical pieces of work such as the Iliad, the general plot of the work revolves around aspects of warrior culture and Japan during the medieval age. Since the piece was like other historical epic poems, there is not single author and the story has evolved being passed down through an oral culture before finally

  • The Use and Misuse of Power in Ancient Times

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    Humankind has come a long way from the nomadic hunter-gatherer who drew in caves. In time society’s formed, As society’s flourished so did religion and power. A great way to understand an ancient society is from the ruins of structures and the art left behind. The Palace Complex of Sargon ll, the Giza Funerary Complex and the Palace at Knossos are all great examples of society’s that are run through religion and power. Delving into the relics that were left behind give a look into each society

  • Alternate Ending To A Hero's Journey Chapter 1

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    "Countess, there's someone to see you in the throne room." Countess Dracora of Monarch's Glenn did not feel like doing anything, least of all meeting someone this early in the morning. "Can it wait, Trenor?" The Countess moaned, wrapping her blankets over her head, wishing for that five more minutes of rest. Trenor opened her bedroom door and shook his head. "Afraid not." She uncovered, sitting up and rubbing her eyes, letting out a loud roar as she yawned. "Who is it, then?" She asked. "Why is it

  • Maria Monologue

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    Well, Prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Buonapartes. But I warn you, if you don't tell me that this means war, if you still try to defend the infamies and horrors perpetrated by that Antichrist- I really believe he is Antichrist- I will have nothing more to do with you and you are no longer my friend, no longer my 'faithful slave,' as you call yourself! But how do you do? I see I have frightened you- sit down and tell me all the news." It was in July, 1805, and the speaker

  • The Blazing World as Feminist Manifesto Essay

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    Margaret Cavendish truly had faith in the female spirit, and she felt that women were never given the credit they deserved.  Cavendish wholeheartedly believed that women could comprehend philosophy and politics as well as men, and that they should be allowed to study these subjects freely.  In addition, she called for the independence of women from masculine restrictions.  Because of this, feminism abounded in her thoughts and works.  In The Blazing World, Margaret Cavendish shows that women are

  • Russi A Great And Catherine The Great

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    Russia has seen its fair share of autocratic monarchs as well, such as Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. Peter first ascended the throne as co-czar with his half-brother Ivan V in the death of their brother Feodore. Their elder sister, Sophia, was the most capable to take the throne. But being a girl, she was unable to do so and could only rule as regent for the two princes turned czars. While Sophia ruled, Peter spent his days building forts on the banks of a river outside of Moscow. He played

  • The Secret History Was Written By Procopius, And Emperor Of The Byzantine Empire From 527

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    not published in the West until about a millennium after it was written. As it was ‘a venomous pamphlet of dubious merit’, The Secret History is hardly a reliable historical source. It criticises Justinian and Theodora for all of their actions as Emperor and Empress, as well as create a story, possibly based on nothing, about the origins of Theodora. While Procopius is considered a significant historian for the sixth century, it is notable that his treatment of Theodora is biased in an unfavourable

  • Power And Authority In Tang Dynasty

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    The definition of power is the ability to direct or influence the behavior of others. Literature is one of the major mediums used to influence a person. One common medium that determines if the writing has power to influence the behaviors of others is the literary skill of the author. During the Tang Dynasty in China, there were many imperial pieces on politics matter that had power and authority to influence people. Writers such as Ban Zhao and Han Yu BaiJuyi successfully wrote many pieces that

  • The Last Empress by Daniele Varè Essay

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    many great reforms that she believed would help the Chinese people. Born on November 29th, 1835, Tzi-hsi was named Yehonala after her tribe. Her father, Huei-cheng died when she was a child and her family took care of her until she was sent to Emperor Hsien-Feng’s court as a concubine. Although Hsien-Feng had many wives and

  • Napoleon 's Letters From An Italian Nobleman 's Family

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    sister Pauline, who in 1803 had married into an Italian nobleman’s family. In this letter, Napoleon expresses his love for his sister, and wishes her nothing but happiness, showing a tender and brotherly side not often associated with the conquering emperor. But this letter is also no simple social call, but a request that his sister make herself known and appreciated as a socialite in the city of Rome, seat of the Papal States. This is a shrewd and clever move on his part, displaying an understanding