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  • Factors That Influence Extremism

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    some people may believe that certain religions such as Islam; may influence extremism. Yet, this is not the truth. Furthermore, extremism is not created by religion or in this case Islam. For the argument that Islam does not influence extremism, one must understand and educate one’s self regarding the factors that create, influence, and enhance extremism. Examples of such factors that may help create and influence extremism are: politics and radical interpretation. Also, extremist ideology can be

  • Pros And Cons Of Extremism The Bane For Our Society

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    Extremism: The Bane for Our Society We are standing against each other, with our faces at opposite ends. We need not learn from one-another, for we both are enlightened. The sparking light that illuminates us has blinded our eyes. Our ears covered by thick curtains of established ideologies For strangers now we are; Our hearts have turned to stones On cadaver of humanism, humanity sits and mourns But; who we are? We are the flag bearers of self righteousness. Extremism is the bud that sprouts from

  • Islamic Extremism And Religious Extremism

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    understanding. This has resulted in what is currently known as “extremism”, and has unfortunately become very prevalent in the world today. This can be seen through the many political and religious groups that misinterpret information and act off of their own beliefs in an attempt to practise a more radicalised version of their faith. While fundamentalism and extremism are possible in every belief and position one holds, religious extremism has become much more common in the present day. Religious groups

  • Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay

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    Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King, Jr. “Hence, segregation is not only politically, economically, and sociologically unsound, it is morally wrong and sinful.”… Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the greatest speakers in all of history wrote these words in his letter from Birmingham Jail (King 48). His great use of rhetoric affected largely the freeing of an entire race. During his work in the Civil Rights Movement, he visited a small town called Birmingham in Alabama, and wrote

  • The Current Youth Is The Future

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    followers are the youth of these developing countries; the youth that are shaping our world are being taught to exploit gaping security voids, how to use military grade weapons, and participate in endemic corruption. SSG-Advisors is working to end the extremism violence that is taking over the youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. SSG Advisors is a development company with innovative approaches to development challenges, which strive to combine the private sectors and the community to act as partners instead of

  • Perse Satrapi Analysis

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    Growing up in Iran exposed Satrapi to numerous atrocities. She experienced first hand the realities of war, death, and oppression. Formative and influential on Satrapi’s outlook on life, these experiences will sculpt her opinions and world views. As a result of her arduous childhood, Satrapi gained a unique comprehension of difficult concepts such as war, death, and freedom. On the other hand, the same experiences that gave her early maturity and compassion early on, might result in turning into

  • Identify A Relevant Topic And How It Relates To Your Context

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    and a PP about extremisms and then discussions take place about the video and how it can affect people from different religions and background. How groups can prey on vulnerable individuals or use a person’s situation to their advantage. An example of this is in the video there is someone who is struggling to find a job and when he is offered a job by a group leader he jumps at the offer not knowing what he is signing himself up for. Some individuals may get drawn into extremism because

  • Kenya And The Kenyan Police Force

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    is argued that the rapidly growing youth population in Kenya has been associated with a strong sense of political and socio-economic marginalization. The frustrations among youths in the communities serve as the major driving force to engage in extremism behaviors. Kenya is mainly dominated by Christians, where Muslim citizens consist of the minority mainly living in the Coast and North-Eastern regions. Unlike the Christians, discriminations against the Muslims have been witnessed in a number of

  • Drone Attacks

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    Little do we know the struggles we cause. As a young child my brother joined the armed forces, searching for a sense of purpose in life. He went off with dignity, with great dreams of coming home covered in medals and scars. He used to carry a little diary, with a crimson cover and a cracked spine, and on the inside of the cover was a handwritten quote, of which it read “Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.” After fourteen months of close

  • Arguments In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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    Martin Luther King Jr. was a renowned civil rights activist who worked tirelessly to gain equal rights for all African-Americans. He was known throughout the world and his speeches continue to gain attention because of their quality. King was a gifted speaker and knew how to build a proper argument. He built up his credibility and targeted the logic and emotions of his audience. Without Martin Luther King Jr. the civil rights movement may not have seen as much success, and segregation may still have