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  • The Book Of Ezekiel And The Destruction Of Jerusalem

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    The Book of Ezekiel is and the man himself is in the midst of historical event associated with the demise of Judah and the destruction of Jerusalem (587 B.C.E) Ezekiel, along with other Judahites were taken into exile in Babylon in 597. In effect there were two Judahs one in the land of Judah and one in exile. One king, Jehoiachin was in exile and Zedekiah in Jerusalem. Under Babylonian bonds and rejecting prophetic advice, they refused to pay their tribute. Within a few years, the temple, city

  • Ezekiel‚Äôs Valley of Dry Bones by Abraham Rattner: Faith is Taking the First Step

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    front of us is a world full of color, meaning, and devotion. Abraham Rattner’s painting Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones made in 1963 is a spiritual piece. It’s based of the book of Ezekiel in the old testament of the bible. Ezekiel was a prophet and he had strong beliefs in resurrection. Many people didn’t believe Ezekiel when he spoke about the actual possibility of bones returning to life. With the help of The Lord he was able to show the rest of Israel this belief. The keynote of this art piece

  • Ezekiel Song

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    these are the days of Ezekiel, The dry bones becoming as flesh.” As a young child, I had no idea what this line was talking about or even if it was in the Bible. But as I grew up, I realized the story is in the Bible, and people can find the story in Ezekiel 37. In the passage, the prophet Ezekiel is taken by the Spirit to a valley filled with dry bones. This bones have no flesh, meat, or hair. There is no sign of live in any of the bones on the valley floor. God asks Ezekiel “‘...can these bones

  • Analysis Of Ezekiel 's ' The Book ' Of Ezekiel '

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    The Book of Ezekiel contains three different sections in which all three address a subject matter. There’s almost nothing mentioned about Ezekiel in the book, his name is only mentioned twice surprisingly. Ezekiel was one of the more youthful men taken to Babylon in the first captivity, which happened in 597 B.C. In spite of the fact that Ezekiel existed amid a period when the Babylonians consistently crushed Israel his confidence stayed solid with one God, Yahweh. Not at all like Ezekiel, countless

  • Ezekiel Essay

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    Ezekiel lived in a time of international crisis and conflict. Assyria was the world power in the area under the rule of Tiglath-pilesar III. In 724 B.C Israel raged war upon Assyria, and Israel was no match for Assyria. In 627 B.C the last of the able Assyrian rulers, Ashurbanipal died. Following the death of Ashurbanipal, Babylon under Nebuchadrezzer II wanted independence from Assyria. In 614 B.C the Assyrians under Nineveh surrendered to the rising Babylonians. In 605 B.C the Babylonians defeated

  • Essay On Ezekiel

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    Jack Spar   Mrs. Hunter  Bible Period 3  30 September 2016  Ezekiel was a biblical prophet and priest that lived in ancient Israel times. Ezekiel preached in Jerusalem and Babylon in the first three decades of the sixth century. Ezekiel preached about the fall and rise of the great city of Jerusalem. Ezekiel is most famous for having the vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. Ezekiel was a very important prophet that not only wrote 1,273 verses in the Bible, but also was a very interesting person, used

  • Ezekiel Egypt

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    Babylon Ezekiel had a series of visions Ezekiel describes his calling to be a prophet by going into great detail about his encounter with God and four living creatures or Cherubim with four wheels that stayed beside the creatures. For

  • Ezekiel: A Summary

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    REPORTER: The reporter/ Social Worker (Crystal) called with concerns for the victim, Ezekiel. Ezekiel has suffered from a stroke, encephalopathy, and his new baseline is that he’s alert but oriented to self only. The reporter said Ezekiel knows who he is, but he gets confused. Ezekiel can perform his daily ADL’s. Mr. Tuders came into the hospital for alter mental status, and he was found to have encephalopathy as well as having a stroke. The victim has a history of alcohol abuse. On 02/03/2016, the

  • The Siege Of Jerusalem By Ezekiel

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    unthinkable prophetic acts that God commanded for Ezekiel to perform throughout his ministry were meant to be sensational scenes that demonstrated what was to come for the Israelites. Ezekiel, illustrating the siege of Jerusalem was one of the first prophetic acts God required Ezekiel to complete. God commanded Ezekiel to create a miniature version of an invading army camped around Jerusalem and then place an iron plate between himself and Jerusalem. Ezekiel, while lying on the left side of his body for

  • The Wicked Shepherds In Ezekiel

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    Matthew Cloyd, your discussion about the wicked shepherds in Ezekiel is one that is extremely important to our discussion of the shepherd motif. Obviously, as you point out, once we get to the prophet Ezekiel there has been a long and rich history where the terms, concepts, and work of the shepherd has soaked the into the very identity of the people of God so that Ezekiel’s rebuke is completely understandable. The Shepherds were meant to be servants of Yahweh taking care of his people or as Laniak