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  • Feminist Spirituality and Goddess Religion Essay

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    Feminist Spirituality and Goddess Religion Thousands of years ago, the Goddess was viewed as an autonomous entity worthy of respect from men and women alike. Because of societal changes caused by Eastern influence, a patriarchial system conquered all aspects of life including religion. “Furthermore, most feminists interested in goddesses are women who strongly reject western patriarchal theology”(Culpepper 51). Thus, there was this very strong feminist idea of women being the prime in the early

  • Feminist Spirituality and Goddess Religion in the United States

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    patriarchical system conquered all aspects of life including religion. Today, the loss of a strong female presence in Judeo-Christian beliefs has prompted believers to look to other sources that celebrate the role of women. Goddess religion and feminist spirituality have increasingly been embraced by men and women as an alternative to the patriarchy found in traditional biblical religion. Within a few thousand years the first recognizable human society developed worship of the Great Goddess or

  • Essay on The Environment, Bell Hooks, and Feminist Spirituality

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    The Environment, Bell Hooks, and Feminist Spirituality The Environment: The environment is constantly being sacrificed for food production, toxic dumps, wood distribution, military testing, and other things such as these. And as usual, the root lies in profit. The corporations can’t afford to be concerned with the future well being of the earth and it’s dwellers. Also, environmental pollution can be connected to racism and classism because it is the poor communities that are used for toxic

  • Power, Authority, And Equality

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    those goals are continuously improving, but there is still a separation between the power, authority, and equality granted to men and women. There are multiple different ways and methods used by feminist in their attempts to gain power, authority, and equality in all aspects of life. These aspects that feminist strive to improve are made possible by an organization called Brigid’s Place. Brigid’s Place garners power, authority, and equality for women through its spiritually involved ministries that include

  • Spiritual Formation Across the Lifespan Essay

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    CHAPTER 9 SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Hope Haslam Straughan Within the social work profession, there is a growing movement affirming that spirituality and religious beliefs are integral to the nature of the person and have a vital influence on human behavior (Hugen, 1998). Canda (1988) identifies spirituality as a basic aspect of human experience, both within and outside the context of religious institutions. If a social worker is going to approach a person in a holistic manner, he or she must be willing

  • Society's Role in Margery Kempe's Autobiography Essay

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    real person. Also, the focus chapters 3, 4, and 11 is primarily on Kempe's spirituality, illustrated best by her diction: 'God,' 'Heaven,' 'sin,' 'temptation,' and an array of other religious jargon characterize her speech, as opposed to 'sexual' or 'spiritual' 'liberation' or 'subjective truth.' Because of the time in which she wrote this, Kempe's work must have been of religious significance, not an example of feminist or existentialist theory. Furthermore, Kempe seems to have internalized the

  • Humility Paper

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    of the humanist (Wolfteich et al., 2016). The virtue of humility has been on the support side of many scholars, researchers, theologians and the leaders of the spiritual development. This virtue has been on the wrong books of philosophers and the feminist scholars. They have intensely scrutinized it bringing out negative demeanors on its exact constituents on humility (Wolfteich et al., 2016). This research is important, as it has put emphasis on a part that has been neglected for many ages. It has

  • The Life of David Brainerd

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    David Brainerd was born in on April 20, 1718 to Hezekiah Brainerd, Esq, and Dorothy Hobart. He had four brothers and four sisters. Most of his brothers ended up in the ministry, although those that did not were respectable upright people. David's father died when he was nine and his mother died five years later when David was fourteen, so at a very young David was fatherless and motherless.1 David was always a type of person inclined to be melancholy. He was always a religious person. He made

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is Beneficial For Specific Subsets Of Patients

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    internal dialogues of an individual play a central role in that person’s way of acting. Spirituality on the other hand, refers to the nature or religion, devotion or piety. It is an individual’s belief system that emanates from their own connecting with the transcendent. There is no defined definition of spirituality. Becker (2001)

  • Bible Study Overview

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    God is a word sent forth without the support of God’s will; hence, revealing the individuals position; a place outside of God’s government. This is important to understand because it is by the Word of God being spoken and properly exercised in your life that will prepare you for the great things the Lord has in store for you. Not one ounce, portion, or part of the Word of God can be omitted if the individual is to walk in harmony with the Lord. As you adhere to the rudiments of fundamental