Freeze-dried ice cream

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  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    by it but he was always hopeful that one day his older brother would notice him. He saw the play as an opportunity for that. He was quite excited about it. But Johnny forgot about him like he always did. “C’mon Oliver. I know you like strawberry ice cream” Johnny said. He pulled

  • Chapter 1 : A Short Story

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    know.' Xion ended up at the ice cream parlor, she didn't realize it herself, but her feet moved without a conscious guiding it. "Two, please." She exchanged munny for two sea salt ice creams. 'This is your favorite Roxas...I remember that, it's my favorite too, and your favorite place to eat them is at that clock tower.' Xion headed to the clock tower, she'd been there many times throughout the days Roxas was asleep, alone she would sit on the ledge and eat ice cream as she watched the stagnant

  • Ice Cream Lab

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    Did the solid Ice Cream Formation Change Based on Type of Salt Use? Purpose The purpose of the lab was to identify how the different types of salt applied to ice effect the amount of solid ice cream formed. Background Research Ice cream is a solution with a lower freezing point than H2O therefor regular ice cannot lower the temperature enough for solid product to form (Science Matters). Lowering the temperature farther is the job of salt. NaCl (salt) will dissolve in water (or ice in this case) to

  • Meaning Of Garde Manger

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    fruits and some seasoning then mixed with a few of water until the favor come out. Cold soup most of the people will take because summer. Storage and Shelf Life Cold soup should be storage with the ice bath if did not serving. If we serving also want to take with the ice to maintain the temperature, no ice we will no call cold soup. Maximum keep of cold soup is 1 week inside chilled. Food Nutritional Value In variety of cold soups, we have idea to use cucumber soup as an example in nutritional value

  • Descriptive Essay About A Restaurant

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    I was walking into my very first Michelin-starred restaurant in the center of downtown Prague. At the entrance there were glass doors decorated with an abstract design of vines and flowers. To the right of that, there was a large, bronze statue with a lady whose face was perfectly symmetrical. Her hair was short and her legs and arms were delicate and slender. The lady had nothing on except cloths that were carefully draped over her legs. To the left of her, there was a fireplace constructed with

  • What Is A Day At The Piqua City Pool Essay

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    My coworker broke up the ice and scoop it into a bowl. Then, they would hand the bowl to me and I would dump it into the top of the machine. This job was very tedious and one of my least favorite things to do. After that, I would pour the liquid into the slushy machine so it could freeze. Next, I would fill the three washing sinks. The left sink was for warm soapy water and the middle sink was empty for rinsing

  • Creative Narrative Writing : Creative Writing

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    to the lake. Asher was the first to dip his feet into the water but immediately pulled it out. “God!” he yelled, “The water’s freezing!” I then dipped my foot into the crystal clear water. It felt like the water was biting at my feet with teeth of ice! That day, the water was around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 35-40 degrees colder than your average swimming pool. “Jesus, you’re right!” I exclaimed My

  • Boulgia In Dante's Inferno

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    My group consists of Janna Francis, Kimberlyn Spain, Ashley Sellers, and I. For our final project, we decided to make food representing each Circle and Bolgia in the book The Inferno by Dante Alighieri. We chose to make food because when imagining Hell, most people tend to picture a grotesque scene. We tried to approach Hell in a different way by making food that tastes good while still representing the Circle or Bolgia from the book. The Inferno starts off with Dante wandering into Ante-Hell where

  • Literature Review On Probiotics

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    REVIEW ARTICLE: Probiotic from the human milk and its role in health of the infant Abstract Lactic acid bacteria represent one of the most significant groups of probiotic organisms. The pharmaceutical industry and in functional food probiotics has become an important ingredient in last decade. This paper reviews the importance of mother milk, its role in health of the infants as well as different probiotic products for adult and infants, probiotic as a functional food and therapeutic food, at

  • Does Stress Send You And The Refrigerator?

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    When I was at UCLA, my roommate and I used to stock up on “finals survival food,” as we called our habit. We would climb into her car, head to the biggest grocery store in Westwood, and pile our grocery cart high with bags of candy, cartons of ice cream, packaged frosting-covered cupcakes, boxes of chocolate cookies, and sugary sodas to see us through the sleepless nights and nail-biting stress of finals week. After college, that habit of using food as a way to manage stress seemed as natural as