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  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Sasuke '

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    the bridge of his nose, tan skin and brown eyes, looked over his shoulder at Naruto. The man smiled brightly at the teen. "Good morning, Naruto, did you eat breakfast yet?" Naruto shook his head. "I 'm going to do that on the way to school with Gaara. He promised me ramen." Naruto grinned. Iruka gave him a look. He sighed, shaking his head. "All right, Naruto, I heard you 're planning on moving out." Iruka said. Naruto 's eyes widened. His gaze softened and he averted it to the floor. He

  • Naruto Adversity

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    when odds are against him. Out of Naruto’s may comrades, Gaara is a boy not originating from the same village, yet leads a similar life to Naruto. They both host a demon inside of their bodies, and both grew up with no parents. Gaara and Naruto faced an adversity that was beyond their power. Yet, since Gaara was there, Naruto did not leave him, rather stayed to protect him because that was how Naruto was. Naruto felt the need to protect Gaara because they had both suffered the same adverse conditions

  • Shisui Monologue

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    Two days ago, I was out with a high fever and a stomach virus. I don’t know how I got it, but it happened. I couldn’t get out of bed to use the restroom when I wanted to, eat, and even sleep! I felt like I was dying. Not only would that, with every inch of moment I did on my bed, have those ice-picking sensations appeared. Gah! I was a total mess! The pain of suffering... I swear I saw the light a couple of times….or maybe that was my mom turning on the light at night? Anyways, this morning...Probably

  • A Thank You-Personal Narrative

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    Hey Zary (chill opening, cause I'm awesome like that), Man, you're eighteen, an adult just like me, it's scary huh? I mean I was kind of sorta terrified when it was my birthday, and I was kind of sorta an emotional wreck. I figured that because you wrote me such a heartfelt letter there's no better way to show my gratitude then to write you one. Zary there are so many things to say, so many memories that we've made in our life time. I still remember way back when to when Jazleen introduced us, and