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  • Biological Control of the Erythrina Gall Wasp Essay

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    Within the last four years the Erythrina Gall Wasp has rapidly become a highly invasive pest in Hawaii. Facing no long-term control other than bio-control the Erythrina Gall Wasp’s cousin has been released throughout the islands to save Erythrina plants. In an interview with Nicoli Barca, a field tech with the Nature Conservancy he stated biological controls are very effective when done right. An example of its effectiveness is

  • Analysis Of The Article Sign Here If You Exist By Jill Sisson Quinn

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    readers in a subdued manner. Quinn’s use of the Ichneumon wasp as a symbol for the process of human life is a subtle way of writing it. Her article starts off with a detailed description of the physical features of a Female Giant Ichneumon Wasp, which then proceeds to a biology based background explanation on the specie. During her descriptions, Quinn uses carefully chosen words that is meant to let the reader go beyond imagining the wasp and to think of it as something more. She explains “Her overall

  • Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's ' This Is What It Means For Say Phoenix Arizona ``

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    In the story “This is What It Means to Say Phoenix Arizona” by Sherman Alexie, the main character Victor is a full blood Native American, whose father recently passed away in Phoenix, Arizona. Victor must take the trip to collect his father 's ashes, however due to his current financial situation he is unable to take his journey. An old friend of Victors, by the name of Thomas builds-the-fire, offers to help fund Victors trip on the condition that he go with him. It is because of Thomas that Victor

  • A Short Story : The Story Of The Bee

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    There was once a bee that lived in a house. It didn’t live in a hive like normal bees. It didn’t even have its wings (we will get to that later). It walked around like people, or as one could say people who walked like bees. The thing about this bee is that this bee suffered a horrible disorder. For he was shunned by his fellow bees. Not only the bees hated him he was also hated by all of the other insects. Specially the ants. They hated his stripes. No one knew why. Maybe they were jealous of his

  • Short Story Of Wasp Man

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    “Wasps make a shield,” said Wasp Man. Gun shots rang out through the harbor. Wasp Man bent down and slowly moved across the brick wall turning the corner. “ He’s over here!!” said a man with a pistol. “Wasp’s attack” said Wasps Man. The Wasps stung the man and it killed him instantly. Now they had to move fast. He heard footsteps behind him and around the corner. A black car pulled up in front of him blocking him as he was running. He ran left to find more somali pirates. He looked right, he

  • The Power Of Rhetoric In Shakespeare's The Clouds

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    Rhetoric is “the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.” (Webster's) The art of oratory reached the height of its popularity in fifth century Athens, largely due to men like Socrates, Demosthenes and Plato that perfected this style of speaking and transformed it into an artform. Aristophanes, an Ancient Athenian playwright’s, The Clouds is one of the best examples of how this artform changed the culture of Ancient

  • The Ramist Logic of Edward Taylor's Upon a Spider Catching a Fly

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    The reader is then introduced to the wasp who, by some folly, has become entangled in the spider's treacherous web. Instead of immediately pouncing on the trapped wasp, the spider seems instinctively aware that the Wasp has the ability to overpower him and therefore maintains a safe distance. "Lest he should fling/ His sting./ But as afraid, remote/ Didst stand hereat." Instead, the spider is afraid that if provoked, the wasp would damage his web. "Lest he should pet,/ And in a froppish

  • Personal Narrative-Puerto Rico Wasp Attack

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    Puerto Rico Wasp Attack We were walking down the step path in the rainforest of Puerto Rico. We spotted a dad and his daughter and started to talk them. They told us that their was river up ahead with some rocks you could walk on. We had a small conversation with them and then parted our separate ways. We decided to go check out the river. The path to get there was very dangerous and slippery, so we had to watch where we stepped. Me and my friend heard some water up ahead but it turned out to be

  • Antipredator Defense as a Limited Resource : Unequal Predation Risk and Broods of an Insect With Maternal Care

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    INSECTS WITH PARENTAL INSTINCTS More than two centuries ago, a Swedish scientist named Modeer described what appeared to be maternal behavior in the acanthosomatid shield bug Elasmucha grisea. He noted that the female did not fly away when an intruding object threatened her compact egg mass; instead, she remained steadfast and tilted her body towards the object (Tallamy). Unfortunately, this evidence, no matter how well documented, was not enough to convince countless people of the possibility

  • Aristophanes Voices Concerns for Ancient Greek Culture in His Plays

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    Aristophanes was not a proponent of the majority of Athenian culture, as well as other aspects of Greek life as whole. He despised the political, educational, and societal views that remained persistent throughout Athens. While his plays may be comedies, he uses them in an assortment of ways. His plays are used to demonstrate a purpose far beyond that of entertainment. He uses his writing for voicing the problems that lie in Ancient culture. Aristophanes uses each play to reveal certain issues