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  • Philippine Government

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    What are the contributions of the previous government to the present system of government? Looking back to the previous government systems in different periods in Philippine history, we can see that our present government system is somehow shaped and patterned from the previous systems that prevailed in our country. Pre – historically we have seen how they established their government and basically, we can say that it is far more primitive than the present system that we have. However, the

  • Patricians And The Plebeians

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    Differences Between the Plebeian and Patrician 1 Differences Between the Plebeian and Patrician University of the People July 12, 2017 Differences Between the Plebeian and Patrician 2 There are stories about the legends of the King in the Romans Ancient History where the government of the kings was overthrown and lead to the creation of Republican form of government (Morley, 1901). While both the Plebeians and Patricians united to drive out the kings and the struggle was ended, the Patricians benefited

  • The Political Party Development Act

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    This chapter elaborates on three proposed political reform agenda this paper discusses. The Political party development act deals with providing minimal standards for party operations. It also prohibits party switching while encouraging party loyalty and discipline. By amending the Party-list system act of 1995, the definition of party-list sort out. It is for proportional representation, as what the Constitution states. Thus, this amendment ensures party-list groups to receive a state subsidy for

  • Disadvantages Of Meritocracy

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    Meritocracy is crediting a person based on his/her achievements and merit. The opposite of meritocracy is patronage or padrino system, which is assigning of positions or work based on relationship with the “people on top. Moreover, it is also common for people in government to be related to one another, or friends of someone within, also known as nepotism. This is problematic, as the appointments especially in the government are expected to have the competencies and personal attributes to effectively

  • The Impeachment Case

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    I-Introduction We are facing the second impeachment trial in our history, this time of the highest leadership of the Judiciary, a branch of government not usually thrown political intrigue. Impeachment, which forms part of our constitutional system of checks and balances, originated in England and was later adopted by American colonial governments. We subsequently adopted this concept, among numerous others, in our own Constitution. Academic studies show that, historically speaking, impeachment has

  • Philhealth's Indigent Program

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    CHAPTER I. RATIONALE Introduction The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation was created by Republic Act No. 7875 to administer the National Health Insurance Program which is designed to provide health insurance coverage and ensure affordable, acceptable and health services for all Filipinos. The Enhanced "PCSO Greater Medicare Access (GMA) Program" is a partnership forged by four important agencies of the government: the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), the Local Government Unit

  • Estrada vs Sandiganbayan

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    SECRECY OF BANK DEPOSITS LAW PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES vs. JOSEPH ESTRADA AND SANDIGANBAYAN I. Problem Whether the Sandiganbayan erred in holding that the use of alias by respondent Estrada was not public, was allowable under banking rules, and was an exception to illegal use of alias punishable under CA 142; in limiting the coverage of the amended Information in Criminal Case 26565; and in departing from its earlier final finding on the non-applicability of Ursua v. Court of Appeals

  • Ukraine And The Philippines Under The Following Dimensions Essay

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    In this paper I will use my comparative skills to carefully analyze the Ukraine, and the Philippines under the following dimensions, which include political rights, civil liberties and the amount of freedom that exists within the respective countries’ borders. Both countries have many similarities and differences; yet, at the moment seem to have the same amount of freedom when looked through a wide scope or definition of democracy. The Philippines has been through turmoil since it became democratized

  • Wikileaks: The Power Of The Anonymous Group

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    WikiLeaks is an organization dedicated to the publication of secret documents . In 2010, WikiLeaks released over 250,000 classified cables from the US DOS . The US government viewed this as a threat to public security as confidential information about the Afghanistan and Iraq war was released to the public. As a result, MasterCard and Visa blocked money transfers to WikiLeaks due to violated corporate policies concerning business with parties who threaten State security. Anonymous would go on

  • The Media 's Influence On Politics

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    POLS 1101 American Government The media’s influence on politics I decided to do research on the impact that the media has politics due to the factors that can influence society, as well as the individuals. Do you believe that social media plays a major role in politics and at times can be unfair by only showing one perspective? I personally believe that the social media, greatly effects politics and can be shown to be very one-sided on many occasions. Social media has been around