Gulf of Carpentaria

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  • The Departure Of The Ship Headed South

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    after her arrival there on the 13th. She departed in ballast on the 26th and proceeded to load wool in Newcastle and Sydney. Destined for London via Adelaide and Port Augusta, Archibald and Gulf of Carpenta-ria departed Sydney at 6 a.m. on the 13th of September. On the morning of the 15th, Gulf of Carpentaria steamed eastwards through the rock-strewn and partially charted waters of Bass

  • Samuel Crawford Kennedy : A Prosperous Maritime Career

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    He served as second mate aboard Inchgreen and aboard the steamship Gulf of Suez between 1881 and 1882. He returned to the Inchgreen as first mate between 1882 and 1884, before signing on with Gulf of Carpentaria. The Gulf vessels belonged to the Greenock Steamship Company, a relatively successful undertaking which Archibald had shares in. More cru-cial than that, however, was the fact that he

  • Conservation Of Pungalina In Northern Australia

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    Many long sandstone ranges make up most of the interior of the region, falling to low plains which border the coastal areas. As with many other regions across Northern Australia the ecological health of the Gulf is now under threat by poorly managed cattle grazing, a change in fire management and the impact of weeds and feral animals. Pungalina is a lucky exception to these unfortunate events. Perched on a sandstone plateau and heavily dissected by gorges and rivers, Pungalina protects a collection

  • Matthew Flinders

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    Flinders proceeded to Sydney, arriving 9 May 1802. Having hastily prepared the ship, Flinders set sail again on 22 July, heading north and surveying the coast of Queensland. From there he passed through the Torres Strait, and explored the Gulf of Carpentaria. During this time, the ship was discovered to be badly leaking, and despite careening, they were unable to affect the necessary repairs. Reluctantly, Flinders returned to Sydney, though via the western coast, completing the

  • Comparing Burke And Wills

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    Introduction/Background Information Burke and Wills both came from very different backgrounds, but despite this, they both found themselves in Australia attempting to explore the continent from South to North. Robert O’Hara Burke was born in Count Galway, Ireland, in 1821, he was the second of three sons of James and Anne Burke. After leaving school he decided to migrate to Australia and in 1853 he entered the Victorian Police force. Then in 1860 he was appointed the commanding officer of the exploration

  • Speech On Dolphins

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    Imagine you are a dolphin swimming happily in the ocean with the other dolphins. Suddenly, you hear something terrible, and that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. You swim towards somewhere “safe” to get away from that terrible sound. However, when you get in, you realize it is a trap! You have been caught! You might be sent to an aquarium or killed to be made into sushi. This unfortunate fate is not a dream, but it is a sad reality for hundreds of thousands of innocent dolphins. They

  • Marika-Alderton House Analysis

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    winning architect, designed the Marika-Alderton House for Aboriginal leader Banduk Marika and her husband. The Marika-Alderton House sits in North Australia in Yirrkala, an indigenous community in Arnhem Land on a landscape facing a beach on the gulf of Carpentaria. The house links back to Aboriginal huts while focusing on the extremities of the weather in the surrounding environment. The house was seen as a link between Aboriginal and White Australia, ‘bridging cultures’ with architecture that was uniquely

  • The Factors Of The Aquaculture In Australia

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    Introduction Aquaculture is a major industry world-wide but is becoming fast growing in Australia (Moffatt, B. 2008). Aquaculture is defined as the business of farming aquatic animals and plants, under varying degrees of controlled conditions, both in marine and freshwater environments (Daf, 2017). Aquaculture has the potential, through harvesting and farming species, to support the growing demand for seafood (Daf, 2017). Aquaculture produces fish for food, sport, bait and ornamental, as well as

  • Plastic Pollution Essay

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    Plastic isn’t biodegradable which emphasises the lingering threat that plastic waste has posed for years and many more to come. Plastic is regarded as vital in our growing world today but slowly, society is realising that this material has a taste for enormous destruction to our oceans. With the increase in disposal of plastics in the ocean, it is more important now that people do anything they can to minimise their plastic usage. Before someone can better manage their plastic usage, one should ensure

  • Spirituality Is The Fundamental Element Within The Formation Of Indigenous Identity

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    Spirituality is the fundamental element in the formation of Indigenous identity. However, since the arrival of European settlement, the sense of spirituality has been severely damaged. Since 2009, Deadly Choices have effectively empowered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Deadly choices offers an effective path to help Indigenous people reconnect to their land, culture and beliefs through the identification of the breakdown of