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    One artist during the 1900s when to the extreme to paint political statements from the wars that America was facing. This artist name was Pablo Picasso. Even though he has many pieces to choose from, I chose his piece called the Massacre in Korea from 1950. This piece is about the communist and has a strong influence with the new age. It was popular to the people of its time, and it is still being talked about today. The main points of this paper are going to be about the context of the painting

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    Before the 38th Parallel , there was no North Korea and South Korea – only Korea. The 38th Parallel was initially created to guarantee that Japan would surrender to the Soviet Union in the north and the south would surrender to the United States, but it later became a barrier between the two states. (Gupta 1972). The line was proposed by the United States and agreed to by the Soviet Union. Author William Stueck names the 38th parallel as the first step in the Korean War, writing, “the war originated

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    The Cold War was a time when the U.S had many conflicts with the USSR that could have caused multiple problems worldwide. World War II had just ended in 1945. The Cold War Started almost immediately after WWII. The Soviet Union had finished the war with a bad economy and wanted to spread Communism to the world. Due to the Soviet Union wanting the spread of communism it also caused the Korean war had separated Korea into two sides from 1950-1953. (Millett, Allan R.) Then the Space Race that happened

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