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  • My Hero As A Hero

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    Doradall Astorath, A half orc. My mother, I'm unsure. Never met her, never will. My father was an adventurer, a giant half-orc, nearly 7 feet tall and maybe 300 pounds. I'm 23 now I'm around 6'4 220 pounds. He was taught in the ways of a monk. He was completely serene in the face of danger and knew what kind of horrors lurked in the world. I'm not sure what made him become an adventurer but I do know before I was born he was a hermit, I'm assuming to find himself. Half-orcs have a tendency to have

  • Orc Descriptive Writing

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    This one was different from the others. Its figures was roughly half the size of the common Orc, but instead of the amounts of fat that could be seen clearly (too clearly) in the rest, toned and defined muscles were present. Grey skin was pigmented instead of the usual murky pink. As a sign of its prestige, it donned leather armor

  • Narrative Writing : The Battle Of The Five Kings

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    They didn’t have enough time to lock in another arrow before I slashed them with my twin daggers (made of dragon teeth). The remaining orcs ran knowing full well their fate if they were to stay. As I checked for life, I saw the weapons they used. Elven weapons and Elven arrows. I screamed in fury, and as I did that, the room caught on fire, and I had to leave the bodies of the children

  • Short Story : ' Into The Deadening Mist '

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    Onward, into the deadening mist. Braving the foreboding elements with nothing but flesh, leather and steel. He has said his prayers, and now, as always, he is ready to face his gods with sword in hand. He mused to himself “If I do not return, I will be feasting in the halls of my father’s gods, if I do return, I will be feasting on the juiciest boar that gold can buy.” In either case the glory that Steiner had always dreamed of is now his for the taking. Ever since Steiner was a young man, and

  • The Rise And Fall Of Ktonos Short Story

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    bore, so he knew he was going to have to rely on speed and skill, hoping he was the better in these regards. When the orc swung at him, it was a wide, clumsy blow, and Ktonos exploded forward, ducking under the strike, and bringing his blade up as he moved past the foe. There was a blur of motion as Ktonos whipped his blade around in a swift motion that pruned the arm off of the orc, bringing the enemy weapon out of play, and then Ktonos swung one last time, the honed edge of the sword taking his foe

  • Music, Language, And Characters In 'The Hobbit'

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    Did you know that in “The Hobbit” many magical creatures like the goblins, elves, and dwarves sing songs that reveal many things about them. In this novel music plays a role in the development of the story and characters. The different creatures’ songs vary in tone, content, and structure that reveal many things about the magical creatures. First, after the dwarves or the “unexpected party” arrived they sang a song about an adventure that they would ask Bilbo to join and what it was about. The

  • How Did The Dwarf Rune Fight

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    The Dwarf Rune-King's cry of victory was cut short, literally; threw back his head and began to shout a cry of Victory! But his cry of pride turned into a scream of horror; a spear had pierced through his throat, blood gushed forth from the wound. On the king's shoulder was… It was a great goblin, he let loose that awful high-pitched screech! With a start; the observing artillery-dwarf realized that this was the same goblin that the champion of the dwarfs dueled for the mountain, he had that same

  • Victorian Themes Of The Conventional Victorian Ideas In 'Goblin Market'

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    The conventional Victorian ideas are supported in “Goblin Market”. This is seen in the representation of Laura and Lizzie. They have to be careful in how their actions might be perceived, ““You should not peep at goblin men.” / Lizzie covered up her eyes, / Covered close lest they should look” (Rossetti lines 49-51). A power struggle between men and women is established in “Goblin Market”; all men are represented by the goblin men, Laura and Lizzie signify all pure innocent females. In the

  • Creative Writing: Battle Of Moria

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    Battle of Moria “Aaargh!” I shouted as I smote a firm blow into Gimli’s shield. As expected, the shield broke into pieces, crumbling into sawdust and scraps of wood. After a few blocks and slashes, I put my sword to Gimli’s throat and declared,“You are beat.” “Bili, how come you always beat me?” Gimli cried (after I lifted my sword from his throat). “Well, I have much more experience than you do,” I told Gimli. “Also, you actually lasted five minutes this time. That is a new record.” After

  • The Music Of Music And Music In 'The Hobbit'

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    The Hobbit Essay There are approximately thirteen songs in The Hobbit, enough for one in almost every chapter. Although it cannot be classified as a musical because all the characters are aware that they are singing, the music still plays an essential role in the development of the story. Many characters from almost all of the races Tolkien introduces us to compose a song at one point in the story. These songs integrate relevant details of lore, character development, and a glimpse into the world