Halsted Street

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  • The Number Of Gay Bars And Clubs

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    the businesses were clustered around Clark Street and Halsted Street. In 1997 Chicago’s Mayor, Richard M. Daley, officially recognized the area as a gay neighborhood. This area, now known as Boystown, was the first gay neighborhood in the United States of America to be officially recognized by the government. The same year city planners under the direction of the Mayor’s office devised a plan to create a streetscape that marked North Halsted Street as being a gay neighborhood. This project was

  • Hull House : A Settlement House

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    thirteen building structure that stood where the university is today. Accompanied by text, which describes what Hull House was. I thought this was great for first time visitors and for audiences unfamiliar with Hull House history. Also, a video of Halsted Street was playing, on a window sill, which shows what one would have seen looking out the window in the early days of Hull House. The aim of the museum is to be interactive with the audience, whether it’s through a docent led tour or through material

  • The Progressive Era Of Chicago

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    The Progressive Era began in the year 1890 through 1920; During this time many things in the country were evolving such as Social Justice, Government Efficiency, Suffrage Movements, Prohibition, and the list continues. Jane Adams being a fighter and standing up for what she believed in was described as being “bold as a lion” (20 yr) growing up and, through her adult years when initiating change in the way the government and society assist with the impoverished. Adams established the Hull House with

  • Jane Addams Essay

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    it was time to do the dream of her childhood. She would return to Chicago and open a large home in an impoverished part of town. At last, her dream would become a reality. In September 1889, Jane and two of her friends fixed up an old house on Halsted Street. Gardens and oak trees once owned by a Charles Hull had surrounded the old home. Now the home was surrounded by some of the worst slums in Chicago. Jane considered all who lived around her new neighbors and wanted nothing more than to help each

  • Self-Moralism And Social Criticism In Jane Addams

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    Jane Addams wanted the mind of women to be valued and mirrored through the actions of individuals seeking to use emotions of empathy and feeling of duty rather than self-interest. She joined the growing pool of criticism of Social Darwinism not because of its scientific weaknesses, but rather due to its center principal of anti-morality. She refused to accept its masculine ideals of physical dominance to serve self-interest and its ranking of materialism. Without doubt, one of her most stringent

  • Dr. William Halsted

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    William Halsted was pivotal in perfecting surgical procedures and techniques that are still in use in modern times, regardless that they were created over 100 years ago. In the late nineteenth century, Halsted improved sanitary conditions in his residing hospitals in both New York and Baltimore, invented revolutionary surgical procedures, anesthetic practices, and created aseptic techniques to combat the frequency of infections and diseases that occurred post-surgery (William Stewart Halsted, 2007)

  • Boston from 1850 to 1900 Essay

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    Street railways were created and they were the most aggressive expansion in the 19th century. From the 1880’s to the 1890’s street railways took up at least six miles from City Hall in Boston. The service of the first railway began in 1852. The first street railway in Boston would go between Harvard Square, Cambridge, Summerville, and Union Square. The increase in the street railway brought excitement for the entrepreneur’s as well in other cities in America. Eventually the street railways

  • Life of Workers in Staithes Essay

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    Close by the giant textile mill row on row on row of drab terrace houses huddle together as if to fend off the bitter cold of a winter night in December of 1811. Night obscures the narrow streets of the industrial village of Holmeside as morning’s hesitant light pokes through the canopy of dismal clouds. Inside the mill, workers have been toiling for hours. They rose from their beds early and put on their work clothing. The lucky ones ate a crust of bread and drank the remains of yesterday’s milk

  • What I Learned About Magic

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    other with metalic blue eyes. The people looked to be teenagers like me. The kid with metalic blue eyes took 1 glance at me, then at the girl next to her and took off. She jumped through the small window in the corner and disappeared through the busy streets. The other girl, with golden hair, chased

  • My Grandmother 's Enthusiasm For Learning

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    Of all the people and things that have influenced me thus far has to be the most amazing lady that I have ever met, my grandmother. She’s the kind of person who has thoughtful discussions about which artist she would most likely want to meet in life whether musical or artistic, the kind of grandmother who always had time for her family and the kind of advocate to voice her opinions on the world and life as I’ve come to know it. Growing up with such a strong role model, I developed many of her enthusiasms