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  • Essay about Video Games and Violence: Cause, or Scapegoat?

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    are wildly outdated and mismatched in their studies. One such study used the games Wolfenstein 3D and Myst, both from the early nineties, and in completely genres. Certainly more modern games would be more appropriate for proving whether or not violent games cause violent behavior, and certainly with less of a disconnect between the games than there would be between a shooter and a puzzle game, which Wolfenstein 3D and Myst are respectively.(Kushner) Furthermore, no one is using video games as any

  • It 's Robotic Arm Hovers

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    With the click of a button, a small machine buzzes to life. It’s robotic arm hovers, lowers, then promptly repositions to hold a pair of syringes over a set of petri dishes. With short, rapid bursts the syringes release a milky white paste, forming tiny little hexagons in each dish. After only a few minutes they grow, resembling small honeycomb shaped structures. But these are no ordinary honeycombs—they’re human livers (Tomo News). These small phenomenon of biomedical engineering are identical to

  • Scan, Modify, 3D Print: Revolutionizing the AFO

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    many poorer families struggle to afford such expensive devices. My goal for this invention is to develop a feasible and medically accepted system in which a 3D scan of the patient’s foot will be manipulated on the computer to create a custom, 3D-printed brace. This innovative new process, combining the new technologies of 3D scanning and 3D printing, will result in an orthotic that can be produced quickly and inexpensively. Research & Background The Ankle The ankle is an incredibly complex component

  • Taking a Look at 3D Printing

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    will convey in depth the definition of 3D printing and how it operates. It will also show some examples of different types of 3D printing as well as show us how it can be useful in the industry of business, professional, education and home time. 3D printing can bring some advantages as well as disadvantages not only to business but also to its employees. Printing this way will become more common as time goes by and can help the industry limit on human error. 3D movies, holograms and much more have

  • Prosthetic 3D Printers

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    One of the solutions that Pro-sthetic Printers developed is a glove functioning as a prosthetic hand with a rechargeable source located in a “watch” compartment. There will be a number pad on the top of the hand, used to control the motions of the fingers. Each joint will have a number assigned to it, as seen in Figures 1 and 2. The numbers can be pressed in specific sequences to trigger specific types of motion along the joints and grips. The grip can then be released by pressing a cancel button

  • 3d Printing Is Changing The World

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    3D printing is changing the world we live in today. Business Insider calls 3D printing “The Next Industrial Revolution” (Rega). Imagine having the capability of producing any product you want at your fingertips within minutes; it is now possible because of 3D printing. Simply put, 3D printing is the process of creating real objects by “printing” chosen substances layer by layer until the desired product is made, therefore 3D printing is sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing. There are endless

  • High School Career - Original Writing

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    be made possible with 3D printing. Bertalan Meskó describes the miracle that saved Kaiba Gionfriddo from death after being born prematurely...bioprinting happened to be the miracle. After his caretakers bioprinted a device that instantly helped him breathe, Kaiba could be taken off a ventilator and breathe through an entire day (it was abnormal for him to make it an entire day without being unable to breathe.) “This case is considered a prime example of how customized 3D printing is transforming

  • The 3d Industry Is Capital Intensive

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    Date: 12th February 2016 CEO: Ayush Mehta Group No:  3 Group Members: Mitul Goel Devanshi Raval Rohith Balaji Threat of new entrants The 3D Industry is capital intensive. This may act as a barrier to small and medium sized entrepreneurs. There are several compliances that are required from the industries such as under employment laws, the company many not be able prevent other companies from benefiting from some of their former employees; failure to comply with U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices

  • Evaluation Of A Research On Software And Tool Path Generation

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    2. Review of Literature Basically research in FDM can split into three categories 1. Novel applications 2. Materials 3. System improvements This systems improvements mostly based on software and tool path generation, layer by layer algorithms and part orientation. The basic FDM process changed since 1980’s and it has three Cartesian linear actuators, extruder and temperature controls. To print different materials multiple heads can be used. Research published on FDM extruder so far is very

  • General Electric Ge 90xe Engines

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    New Technology Commercial Aviation General Electric GE-90XE Engines In March 2015, GE Aviation was granted the first FAA certification for a 3-D printed part to be installed in a jet engine. According to GE Aviation, the part is a T25 housing for a compressor inlet temperature sensor and will be retrofitted on over 400 of its GE90-94B engines. The part was designed using a CAD program and a rapid prototype was made of metal alloy using an SLS process. The final design was approved, the prototype