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  • Health Risks From The Coal Ash Spill

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    Ultimately, Dr. Shea found very little actual health risks from the coal ash spill. According to Dan Way, Dr. Shea reported that short-term toxic harm resulted from the spill, and that there were only isolated cases of coal ash contaminating groundwater (2014). However, there was agreement that long-term monitoring was necessary at the Dan River to assess longer term damages. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a response update to assess potential impacts to human and

  • High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion

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    High-risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion NUR 542 University of Phoenix Sandra English High-risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Homelessness can occur even in the most stable income families. Families that have a one income household can find themselves without employment suddenly from companies that are experiencing economic difficulties which lead to reduction in forces. The United States homeless populations decreased by one percent in 2011. The nation went from 643

  • Health And Risks Of The Health Risk Of Miami, Florida

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    The purpose of this report is to show current data and to analyze the health risk of Miami, Florida. This report will provide information about the following: environmental health risks, population, community, illness and death rate for Miami. Throughout this report these will be defined. Miami Miami located in southeast Florida on the Miami river. Therefore, putting it between the Florida everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known as the ‘Magic City.’ (City, 2016) The city is known for its

  • Old Age Is Partially Responsible For The Risk Of Developing Health Related Issues Within The Elderly Population

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    partially responsible for the added risk of developing health-related issues within the elderly population. The SPICES evidence-based tool provides a framework for analyzing older adults concentrating on six comparable "marker conditions": sleep disorders, problems with eating and feeding, incontinence, confusion, evidence of falls, and skin breakdown (The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, n.d.). These circumstances provide a glimpse of a patient 's total health as well as including the quality

  • High Risk Family Assessment Health Promotion

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    High-Risk Family Assessment Health Promotion Drug and Alcohol Abuse Substance abuse can occur with legal drugs like alcohol, tobacco and prescription medications, illegal drugs that are purchased on the street, or prescription drugs used for reasons other than health. Alcohol is the most frequently used legal drug, and cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are the most commonly used illegal drugs. Each drug has precise effects on body systems. Some drugs can lead to acute and chronic problems; some

  • Health And Consumer Education Materials And Health Risk Messages For Cultural And Linguistic Competency

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    Module 2 Assignment Health Education Critique Purpose: the purpose of this assignment is to analyze existing patient/consumer education materials and health risk messages for cultural and linguistic competency. Process: For your selected population and health issue, find two samples of existing health education products. Critique the health risk/ health promotion message and delivery approach (e.g. Public Service Announcement [PSA] video/commercial, educational video, billboard, brochure, flyer

  • Problems And Risks Of Electronic Health Records Essay

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    M8A1 Short Paper: Electronic Health Records In this assignment, you learn to identify and analyze the benefits, risks, and compliance issues associated with the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in health care organizations of varying sizes. In your textbook, read Case 7C, Part 7: Information Security Governance and Regulatory Compliance. Answer the three discussion questions at the end of the section "Information Sharing in Collaboration: Security and Privacy Threats." Discussion Questions

  • Lack Of Risk Of A Disease Based On Health Behaviors

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    HBM is perceived seriousness which is defined as one’s belief of the severity of a disease or health condition (Hayden, 2014). Old people understand that the consequences from OA are serious. The pain from OA prevents people from performing their normal activities. Another component in the HBM is perceived susceptibility which is defined as one’s belief of risk of acquiring a disease based on health behaviors (Hayden, 2014). People believe that aging causes many chronic problems. Old people

  • Community Health Assessment: The Identification of Major Risk Factors

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    A Community Health Assessment Major risk factors identified in the assessment A close look at the assessment reveals that there is no formal cardiology, oncology, and orthopedic programs alhough a couple of orthopedic cardiologists and surgeons maintain privileges at the health facility. While the clinic lacks cancer specialists, a team made out of eight medicinal oncologists, and two radiation oncologists have demonstrated interest to affiliate and create a new cancer program. The premier orthopedic

  • Privacy and Security Risks for the Electronic Health Record

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    In most cases privacy and security risks apply to both paper and electronic records. With the growing demand for the electronic health record (EHR) system, the transfer from paper to electronic can be risky. For this project we were asked to compare and contrast the security issues between maintenance of paper medical records and the EHR system, also we were asked to discuss what requirements and issues need to be considered when doing a conversion to an EHR. Inappropriate access is one of the